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Scrooge’s Number One Dime Cookie

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When shopping at a Real,- supermarket in Germany yesterday, I came across a display of Disney food products, by ‘Disney Magic’. There were many different items (pasta, juice, popcorn, etc.), but the most interesting one for me as a fan of Disney comics was “Dagobert’s 1. Taler”, or “Scrooge’s First Taler” (Taler is the fake currency used in German Disney comics). They are cookies in the shape of coins with a big one on them. Disney comics are very popular in Germany — today nearly one million fans in Germany read Micky Maus every week, and a recent study has shown that approximately one-fifth of parents also enjoy reading along. More »

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New Disney.com launched!

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Disney has just launched its new Disney.com. It was supposed to go live in January, but it is here today. There is a lot of videos, TV shows, games and music to explore. The revamped website allows users to share content, create playlists and simultaneously play games and engage with friends within a virtual world of Disney characters. The site is very heavy on your bandwidth and requires Flash 9. Be aware that the site may not work immediately when you view it from outside the United States (for me it redirected to Disneyinternational.com at first, but after several tries I got through). So go check it out and have fun! More »

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New Disney.com to launch this month

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A new version of the official Disney.com website will be launched later this month. The broadband centerpiece, called Disney XD, will feature both free and premium Disney video and games. Users will be able to share videos, chat with friends in a social networking environment, listen to music, create playlists and play games.

The new Disney.com
More »

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Gemstone’s Mickey And The Gang on new Disney Treasures DVD

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Last week Disney released the new Walt Disney Treasures DVDs, tin-cased limited edition DVD collections featuring rare, classic cartoons and TV programs. One of this year’s four new volumes is More Silly Symphonies, featuring 38 of Disney’s vintage musical cartoons as well as their assorted spin-offs. More »

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Buy Disney Comics and Booksexternal link

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DCW now has an affiliate Amazon store where you can browse and buy Disney comics and books. The store lists all the U.S. comics from Gemstone Publishing, like Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories and Donald Duck Adventures, as well as other titles like W.i.t.c.h. and Kim Possible. Amazon also has several Disney magazine subscriptions available, such as Disney Adventures, weekly German Micky Maus magazine and Anders And & Co from Denmark. More »

October 8th 2006 | 9:36 pm CET | 1 Comment »

Disney Mobile to launch this summer

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This June, Disney will launch its new Disney Mobile, allowing parents to track their child’s movements, decide who they can call, and prioritising messages that reach the phone. The service will provide parents with real-time maps and locations of family members using GPS technology built into the handsets. More »

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Changes at Disney Consumer Products

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This week Disney announced that it will stop distributing its Disney Catalog that has filled the mailboxes of tens of millions of households for the last 10 years, and instead will focus on its online store. In addition Disney has abandoned eBay for their auctions and has started a new Disney Auctions website. More »

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