New Soccer Magazine in Germany

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DonaldoOn January 22nd, Ehapa Verlag, publisher of Disney comics in Germany, is launching a new soccer Disney magazine titled Donaldo. The bi-monthly magazine will feature football-themed comic stories as well as news reports from the Champions League and Bundlesliga soccer championships, posters and activities.

The 52-page magazine is targeted at 7 to 10-year-old kids and will sell for €2,80. The first issue will have a print-run of 110,000 copies.

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Ehapa reprinting first 50 issues of Donald Duck Sonderheft

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Donald Duck Sonder EditionEhapa Verlag, publisher of Disney comics in Germany, is reprinting the first 50 issues of the popular Donald Duck Sonderheft in five unique collector’s sets with a limited print-run of only 4,444.

The original 50 issues came out between 1965 and 1977 and the first 40 have never been reprinted since. They contain many classic stories by legendary artist Carl Barks and translated to German by much-praised Dr. Erika Fuchs, who was Micky Maus’ first editor-in-chief. The high-quality sets can be ordered for EUR89.95 ($140) each at and are available to Disney fans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The first box is out now.

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Happy birthday to Lustiges Taschenbuch

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No other book in Germany has had such a large print run for so many years. The first issue of Lustiges Taschenbuch came out on October 1st, 1947. This month, 40 years years later, the 260-page monthly pocket book celebrates its anniversary with 4 special issues. The first issue will be reprinted and made available again, and next month’s issue #369 will have a special gold/silver cover and contain 40 extra pages! Each year 13 new issues of Lustiges Taschenbuch are published. If you put all issues on a bookshelf you’ll need a shelf of 5 1/2 meters (18 feet) long to store the more than 360 books that have published so far. That’s nearly 100,000 pages of Disney comic stories!

Visit the LTB official website and see the TV commercial for the 4 special issues on the homepage. Here’s the cover of the first special issue that came out on 19 September.

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