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Two new monthly comics from Boom! Studios this month

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Wizards of Mickey issue 1Boom! Studios in the United States is launching two new monthly series this month: Wizards of Mickey and Disney’s Hero Squad.

Wizards of Mickey #1, on sale January 27th, will continue the epic tale of magical adventure that was started in Mickey Mouse & Friends issues #296 – #299. The stories proved popular enough to garner its own stand alone series. Wizards of Mickey follows the adventures of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy as they compete in the Grand Wizard’s tournament, determined to win all the pieces of the Sorcerer Supreme’s crown and free Mickey’s master from the clutches of the evil Phantom Blot! You can pre-order Wizards of Mickey #1 for $2.39.

Ultraheroes issue 1Disney’s Hero Squad, which will also go on sale on January 27th, continues the Ultraheroes stories that were started in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #699 – #702. The series features Super Goof, Duck Avenger, Eega Beeva, The Red Bat and more coming together as Disney’s mightiest band of heroes, ready to stomp out the bad guys wherever they may lurk! Pre-order Hero Squad now for $2.39.

“The fan response to Wizards of Mickey and Disney’s Hero Squad has been completely insane,” says BOOM! Disney Editor Aaron Sparrow. “These characters have reached a whole new audience, and fans, old and new, have clamored to have these stories in their own dedicated series. Well, you demanded it and we delivered.”

So what will happen to Mickey Mouse & Friends and Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories? The first one will take a break for a while as Boom prepares the next wave of Mickey Mouse stories. This will delay the series milestone #300 issue, which would have been next. Comics & Stories #703 will see the debut of a new series by Italian artist Casty titled “Mickey Mouse and The World to Come” (I TL 2721-3P, “Topolino e il mondo che verrà”). For a preview of Casty’s work see this fan-made website about his work.

From this website you can even download a wallpaper for the story that is coming to Comics & Stories:

Topolino e il mondo che verrà

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Covers for Mickey Mouse 297 and Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories 700

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On November 18th, Boom! Kids will release the next issues of Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories, which will feature the second chapters in the Wizards of Mickey and Ultraheroes series. Just like the first issues there will be two regular covers and a limited edition cover for each issue. Note the limited cover for WDC&S is the penciled version of Cover A, which I think is pretty neat.

To celebrate the milestone 700th edition of Walt Disney Comics, Boom is bringing us a a double-sized issue at no additional cost. Besides the regular 32 pages of the second chapter of Ultraheroes, it also has a special back-up feature by William Van Horn, an 8-page story titled Close-ups.

The next two issues of Walt Disney Comics will wrap up the first arc of the Ultraheroes series, which will spin off into its own special series in January with Disney’s Hero Squad: Ultraheroes #1, a trade paperback now available for pre-order on Amazon for $9.99. That same month Walt Disney Comics will start a new 4-part story arc starring Mickey Mouse in The World of Tomorrow, a newspaper strip by Floyd Gottfredson from 1944 an Italian story from 2008 written and drawn by Casty.

Mickey Mouse 297 Cover A

Mickey Mouse 297 Cover B

Mickey Mouse 297 Cover C

WDC&S 700 Cover A

WDC&S 700 Cover B

WDC&S 700 Cover C
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Covers and 5-page preview of Donald Duck 347 from Boom! Kids

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On November 4th, Boom! Kids will launch their new Donald Duck & Friends series with issue #374 (pre-order here). It’s the first new issue of Donald Duck & Friends in almost three years. The series originally started in 1952.

Boom is kicking off Donald Duck with another series from the pages of Italian Topolino. This 142-page saga is titled DoubleDuck featuring Donald as a secret agent. It was written by Fausto Vitaliano and Marco Bosco with art by Andrea Freccero, Francesco D’Ippolito, Marco Mazzarello and Vitale Mangiatordi.

Here is a preview of the covers and the first five pages of the story: More »

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Covers and 5-page preview of Uncle Scrooge 384 from Boom! Kids

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On October 14th, Boom! Kids will launch the Uncle Scrooge series with issue #384 (pre-order here). It’s the first new issue of Uncle Scrooge in almost a year. The ‘richest duck in the world’ made his debut in the Carl Barks story “Christmas on Bear Mountain” in 1947. Barks used Scrooge a few more times in other Donald Duck stories and by 1953 the character had become popular enough for the publisher to grant him his own title.

While all other three of Boom’s classic monthly Disney comics are featuring long Italian 3-tier stories, this is the first comic to use 4-tier stories produced by Egmont Comic Creation in Denmark. However, as you can see in the scans below, Boom has cut up the story to show three tiers on each page. An interesting choice.

Boom is kicking off Uncle Scrooge with a series written by Swedish author Per Hedman with art by Argentinian artist Wanda Gattino. In the 6-part saga (this issue of Uncle Scrooge has the first chapter and part of the second) Uncle Scrooge and his nephews criss-cross through Europe in search of treasure as they are being chased by Magic De Spell who is, as always, after Scrooge’s Number One Dime.

Cover A is by Tino Santanach, Cover B is by Daniel Branca and an exclusive third Don Rosa cover is available at the Baltimore Comic-con this weekend.

I’m so excited that Uncle Scrooge is back! Head on over to Things from another World to order this first new issue of Uncle Scrooge for only $2.39. Here is a preview of the covers and the first five pages of the story. More »

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New Uncle Scrooge covers

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A new announcement on the Boom! Studios blog talks about an exclusive variant Uncle Scrooge cover limited to 500 copies that will be available at Boom’s booth at Baltimore Comic-Con 09 this weekend. The cover was hand-picked by Don Rosa and celebrates Uncle Srooge’s 62nd anniversary. This is an exclusive cover for Uncle Scrooge #384, the first new issue in the series in almost a year, which will come out on October 14th.

Uncle Scrooge 384 cover by Don Rosa

This is a great cover and it’s also nice to read that Don Rosa is involved. I wish I could make it to Baltimore this weekend to pick up this limited edition Scrooge comic. Mr. Rosa is even listed as a guest at the event!

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Covers and 5-page preview of Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories 699 featuring Ultraheroes

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UltraheroesThe next new Disney comics series to be released by Boom! Kids is Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories. Launched in 1940, WDC&S is one of the longest-lived and greatest comics of all time. Issue number 699 will be released on October 7th.

The series kicks off with the first chapter of a 9-part Italian multi-part series, originally titled Ultraheroes, which features all the superheroes of the Disney comics universe in an epic clash against the super villains to determine the faith of the world. The series was written by Giorgio Salati, Riccardo Secchi and Alessandro Ferrari and features beautiful artwork by Ettore Gula, Roberta Migheli and Stefano Turconi.

Here is a preview of the covers and the first five pages of the story: More »

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Mickey Mouse comics are back!

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Tomorrow Boom! Kids launches a new series: Mickey Mouse & Friends. This means that Mickey is back in comics … well, in the United States at least. In the rest of the world he has never really been away. Comic books with Mickey and his friends remain very popular in other countries. In Italy, weekly Topolino (‘Mickey Mouse’) is read by over one million people every week, and in France bi-monthly Mickey Parade Géant is a 308-page comic book with a circulation of 187,000.

Four Color #79 (1945)

Mickey Mouse #295 (2006)
In the USA, Mickey has had his very own comic book for well over 50 years. Officially, the Mickey Mouse comic that Boom is continuing tomorrow (keeping the numbering intact) was launched in 1952. The first Mickey Mouse comic book, pictured on the right, actually came out in 1945 and was the 79th issue in the popular Four Color series by Dell Comics, which highlighted a different character in each issue (The Riddle of the Red Hat in this issue was Carl Barks’ only Mickey story). A total of 27 of these Four Color ‘one shots’ were released with Mickey’s name on the cover until Mickey Mouse was launched into his own regularly published series in 1952, starting its numbering at 28.

Mickey Mouse was published first by Dell Comics, then Gold Key, Whitman, Gladstone and finally Gemstone Publishing from 2003 to 2006. Gemstone, founded by Steve Geppi in June 2003, began with a wide range of titles, but in the second half of 2006 they canceled most of their series, including Mickey Mouse, to focus solely on two prestige titles targeted at collectors: Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney Comics & Stories. The last Gemstone issue of Mickey Mouse was number 295 of December 2006, and the publisher unfortunately lost the Disney license altogether two years later.

Now, after almost three years, the regular American Mickey Mouse comic book is back thanks to Boom! Kids, which obtained the license to publish comics with classic Disney characters earlier this year.

Mickey Mouse #296, which hits newsstands this Wednesday, is the first of Boom’s new Mouse and Duck comics (Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck will follow later). The publisher was kind enough to send me some preview issues to show them to you right here! There are three different covers: More »

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Disney’s new Kingdom Comics

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Back in May, Walt Disney Studios launched Kingdom Comics, a new division tasked with re-imagining and rejuvenating Disney’s live action films as 128-page plus graphic novels. The company’s other goal is to create original material that will have the potential to be made into new film projects.

The new division is overseen by actor and novelist Ahmet Zappa, producer Harris Katleman and graphic novelist, actor and producer Christian Beranek. Zappa commented: “The ability to create new publications based on properties from the Disney vaults, and to develop original ideas for graphic novels and possibly future Disney films, is a dream job filled with enormous fun and potential. Being a storyteller myself, I can’t wait to work with some of today’s top writers and artists in bringing a fresh approach to graphic novels and the movies. We’re also excited to discover and develop promising new talents in this field.”

At last weekend’s Wizard World in Chicago, Kingdom Comics co-founder Christian Neranek gave out some more details about his Kingdom Comics. “Think totally in the spirit of National Treasure and Pirates of the Caribbean,” he said. “Our purpose is to go back and re-imagine stuff that Disney may not have thought of, or they may have a mandate like ‘Look, we have a lot of equity in something that is thirty years old that people are fond of.'”

“We’re not going to be interested in doing the single-issue format,” he said. “It’s going to be on a book-publishing schedule every four months when we launch. We’re shooting to have the books out Fall of next year.”

Read more on last weekend’s panel at Wizard World on Comic Book Resources.

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BOOM! Studios to launch first Disney hardcovers at Comic-Con ’09

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BOOM! Studios has lots of paperback and hardcover Disney books coming out starting later this year, including ones with classic Carl Barks stories and a reprinting of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa is slated for February. The publisher revealed yesterday that it will release its first Disney hardcovers at Comic-Con ’09 in San Diego next week. Hardcover collections of The Incredibles: Family Matters, Cars: The Rookie and The Muppet Show will be available at a limited numbered set of 250 and writers Mark Waid, Alan Porter and Roger Langridge will be doing signings of these exclusive editions (see schedule).

Cars and The Incredibles hardcover books by BOOM! Studios

More »

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Disney twenty-three magazine

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I picked up a copy of Disney twenty-three today at Barnes and Noble (where I was pleased to also find all of Boom’s Pixar comics). I thought that the magazine was exclusive to members of the D23 community, but apparently they also sell it to regular people. It’s a huge magazine (11 by 12 inches) with 60 beautiful glossy pages full of large photos and interesting articles about everything Disney in the style of Disney Magazine (†2005).

Issue 2 of Disney twenty-three magazine

The cover story of the new magazine’s second issue is about Donald Duck’s 75th anniversary. There’s a 10-page article covering his origins and cartoon career. Unfortunately, there’s hardly any mention of Donald Duck in the comic books. The article basically skips all this and jumps right from the 1940s cartoons to his appearance in Fantasia 2000, the video game Kingdom Hearts and the Mickey’s PhilharMagic attraction at Walt Disney World.

Carl Barks is mentioned briefly as “the artist who helped create many of Donald’s best cartoons and went on to make the Duck an international star of the printed page with his masterful comic book stories.”

The back inside-cover of the magazine does feature three vintage newspaper comics with Donald, Mickey and Bucky Bug.

More attention to the comic books is given on the website of D23 in this article about Huey, Duey and Louie, which was apparently written by comics writer and editor David Gerstein.

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