T-shirts for Disney comics fans

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Stuffosaurus has a collection of t-shirts for fans of Disney comics, including several ones based on famous Carl Barks stories, like “I Went to Plain Awful and all I found was this square egg!” and a Calisota University design for alumni, students and fans of Calisota, home of Duckburg. Some great gifts here for Disney comic fans. Have a look at the other designs. Here are some examples:

Disney comic t-shirts at Stuffosaurus

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70 Years Ago …

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… Huey, Dewey, and Louie appeared for the very first time in a Donald Duck newspaper Sunday page written by Ted Osborne and drawn by Al Taliaferro. In this story from 17 October 1937, Donald gets the following letter: “Dear Donald, I am sending your angel nephews Louie, Huey and Dewey, to stay with you while their father is in the hospital. A giant firecracker exploded under his chair. The little darlings are so playful. I hope you enjoy them. Your cousin, Della”. At the same time the Studio was working on a cartoon called Donald’s Nephews, written by Carl Barks and Jack Hannah, but due to the longer production time it didn’t premiere until 1938. More about Huey, Dewey and Louie »

Huey, Duey and Louie

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Wizards of Donald?

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One year after Walt Disney Company Italy ran a 10-part series in its weekly Topolino magazine, titled Wizards of Mickey, the series is being published in the Nordic countries by Egmont. Wizards of Mickey, which was created by Claretta Muci and Stefano Ambrosio, is renamed by Egmont in Norway to “Donald Duck – Magiens mestere”, kicking Mickey out of the spotlight. Apparently, Donald Duck is far more popular in the Nordic countries than Mickey is. The first chapter comes out this week and features a redrawn cover putting Donald in front of Mickey:

Redrawn cover of Wizards of Mickey

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Happy Birthday Epcot!

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Today is Epcot’s 25th anniversary. The second park of Walt Disney World in Florida, EPCOT Center, opened to the public on October 1st, 1982. Today the park celebrates this special day with a rededication ceremony, special fireworks display, a gallery exhibition showcasing Epcot memorabilia, and guest conversations with Disney Legend Marty Sklar.

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Happy birthday to Lustiges Taschenbuch

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No other book in Germany has had such a large print run for so many years. The first issue of Lustiges Taschenbuch came out on October 1st, 1947. This month, 40 years years later, the 260-page monthly pocket book celebrates its anniversary with 4 special issues. The first issue will be reprinted and made available again, and next month’s issue #369 will have a special gold/silver cover and contain 40 extra pages! Each year 13 new issues of Lustiges Taschenbuch are published. If you put all issues on a bookshelf you’ll need a shelf of 5 1/2 meters (18 feet) long to store the more than 360 books that have published so far. That’s nearly 100,000 pages of Disney comic stories!

Visit the LTB official website and see the TV commercial for the 4 special issues on the homepage. Here’s the cover of the first special issue that came out on 19 September.

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Morty and Ferdie turn 75 today

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Today is the 75th birthday of Mickey Mouse’s nephews, Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse. They first appeared in Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse Sunday comic titled ‘Mickey’s Nephews’ on 18 September 1932:

Morty and Ferdie in Mickey's Nephews

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Upcoming Disney flicksexternal link

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Blue Sky Disney has a list of live-action and animated feature films that the Walt Disney Company and its movie studios will likely release in the next two years. Among these movies are Pixar’s next CGI film Wall-E (2008), video-game based Prince of Persia (2009) and Jungle Cruise (2009), another adaption of a classic Disneyland ride. Most of the 23 films on the list are already in pre-production and are likely to make it to a theater near you. Read more

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Disney.com more popular than everexternal link

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Disney.com is already the number-one family destination on the Internet, but traffic has increased steadily after its relaunch in February 2007. Last month was the site’s all-time traffic record with 23.03 million unique visitors, an increase of 24 percent above a year ago and 12 percent over July 2007. Read more

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Space Shuttle crew to be honored at Walt Disney World

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The seven space shuttle astronauts who returned to Earth with Space Shuttle Endeavour on August 21st will be honored in a day of ceremonies at Walt Disney World on September 10th. Check NASA.gov for a schedule of events.

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Disney moving into Bollywood

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NDTV reports that the Walt Disney Company is quickly securing deals in India to get ready for the release of its Hollywood blockbusters there. Earlier Disney already tied up with Yash Raj films for its animated feature Roadside Romeo. The latest deal is with Shankar Ehsaan Loy for a Bollywood touch on High School Musical. Read more

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