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Format Pocket
(12.5 x 18.5 cm) / 260 pages
StatusActive Active: Since 1968
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The information on this page was last updated 6 January 2009
Started in 1968, this currently monthly comic is a 254 page pocket book containing mostly Italian stories. It's sold everywhere; bookstores, supermarkets, kiosks. Serieforlaget claims that it's the most sold book in Denmark. It's based on stories from Topolino, and also a few stories by Flemming Andersen (D-coded). As you can see on the picture above, the sides of all comicbooks have a part of a drawing and if you put all JumboBogs next to eachother, they form a whole picture!

The JumboBog, for many years the best selling book in Denmark, has sold more copies than ever in 1994. Just under 900,000 books were sold, which is an increase of 13% over 1993 or almost 100,000 books! This is a remarkable figure for a country with only 1.3 million children in the target group. This increase is primarly the result of a numver of well planned promotions througout 1994. For instance, Serieforlaget and SuperBrugsen, Denmarks's largest supermarket chain, created a specially designed display and drawing competition, which brought an overwhelming 3,500 entries. Serieforlaget also considerably increased the market budget for billboards and posters -- elements that work well with in-store activities. As evidence of the effectiveness of these campaigns, most of the major Danish supermarket chains have already contacted serieforlaget to start up special activities during next Summer and Fall! The "JumboBog" was first introduced on the market in 1968. More than 12 million Jumbo books have been sold in Denmark to date.

The stories in this pocketbook are partly Italian, from Topolino, and partly "homemade" (made by Egmont artists). Since #91 the spines of 10 books following eachother, put together form a motive. from 91 to 110 the motive was elephants ("jumboes"). Since then we've seen Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy, Mickey, $crooge, Superduck, Huey - Dewey and Louie, Gyro, Pete, Gladstone and Magica on the back of the books.

Special thanks to Anders Christian Sivebaek.

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Subscriptions can be obtained by contacting Serieforlaget at abonnement@tsf.egmont.com or by telephone at +45 7020 5036.

People in the United States can subscribe to Anders And & Co from Amazon.com.

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