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Disney comics in Hungary

Research in Hungary revealed that the Mickey Mouse magazine is the number one title for children 8 to 10, and in the top three for 11 to 12 years olds. Parents rank the Disney magazines as number one for their children, in spite of the fact that Disney titles are perceived as expensive. Hungarian children have high awareness of the different magazines on the market, often switching from title to title, and sharing their magazines with each other. Therefor, although a child may not regularly buy Mickey Mouse, chances are that he or she reads it. Extensive Disney television programming and apparal extend the brand awareness, and are reported to be very popular with children of all ages.

Based on the market, the Mickey Mouse monthly was relaunched in early 1993 to include more games and comics, and a more colorful, exciting and informative format.

Egmont Publishing Service commisioned a market research study in Hungary which aimed to understand how to make Disney magazines as they are in other European countries. The study interviewed children about their comics reading and purchasing habits, and their opinions about the Disney magazines. Mothers were also interviewed to determine their opinions about their children's reading habits, their awareness of Disney magazines, purchase habits and the cost of the magazine.

The results show that the magazines are perceived as being expensive, yet give value for the money. In addition, the disney magazines are among those preferred by parents for their children. Children also like the Disney magazines. For children 8-10, Mickey Mouse was the most read magazine of nine major magazines. For the 11-12 year old age group, readers are lost to Spiderman and Batman. Ducktales and Donald Duck magazines each have readers in the two age groups, but they are not favorites. Readers fidelity has not been established in Hungary. Children switched constantly between magazines and share titles between their friends. However, the kids are very awere of the magazine situation, aware of the dates of the next issue, spendtime looking through all of the titles at the kiosk. Most of the children watch Disney cartoons on television and are fans of Disney apparel which parents often purchase. Based on this research, the Hungarian Mickey Mouse magazine was relaunched at the beginning of 1993. The covers are designed to be colorful, exciting, and informative, while the inside pages contain more comics and games.

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