Publisher: Egmont Lavia
Knaps Makdaks W.i.t.c.h. Dambo Muku Mayc Donald Daks
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Disney comics in Latvia

In 1988, the doors to Eastern Europe swung open and the first Disney magazine was introduced to young Hungarian readers. Since that time more East European countries got their own Disney comics, including Latvia. Egmont Latvia publishes two versions of Mickey Mouse of Disney comics in Latvia. One is in Russian and the other one in Latvian. Except for the letters, texts and dialogues, these two versions are exactly the same!
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StatusTitle Rating FromTill
Active Dambo 4.7 1996  > today
Active Disney Classics 4.25 ?  
Active Donald Daks 6.25 1991  > today
Active Donald's Puzzle Magazine 5.61 ?  
Canceled Draisko un Domā 5.97 ? - ?
Active Ducktales 5.58 ?  
Canceled Knaps Makdaks 6.61 (#62) 1993 - ?
Canceled Muku Mayc 5.49 ? - ?
Active W.i.t.c.h. 5.78 2004  > today
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