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PublisherEgmont Serieforlaget AS
Format 17 x 25 cm / 48 pages
StatusActive Active: Since 1948
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The information on this page was last updated 30 December 2004
Donald Duck & Co magazine has earned its number one market leader position with is original comics, editorials and games. The magazine has been published by Egmont in Norway since 1948. The magazine boasts 1.1 million readers per issue in Norway's total population of 4 million people. Over the past few years, however, television, video games and the miltitude of other available pastimes have encroaced on the Donald Duck readership figures. To bring Donald Duck & Co back into the spotlight, the magazine was relaunched on February 23, 1993 with the new slogan, "More to read, More to do, More to collect".

Each week readers now get 8 additional pages including 6 more pages of editorials such as "Miks & Tips." The magazine has a new logo and layout on the inside pages, with every page dsigned to provide the most entertainment and activies possible. In addition, readers receive 2 premiums each week: a series of collectors cards is included along with a weekly premium. The collectable series is designed to promote regular purchases of the magazine. Continuity is essential because 95% of Donald Duck sales are at the kios. The goal is to maintain the average sales at 200,000 copies per week.

The relaunch promotion ran for seven weeks, supported by a major campaign by A/S Hjemmet. Large advertisements appeared in the 2 major Norwegian newspapers i naddition to POP in the 11,000 shops nationwide where Donald Duck magazine is sold.

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