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PublisherEgmont Serieforlaget AS
Format 17 x 25 cm
StatusActive Active
FrequencyEight times per year
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5.16/10 - (112 votes)
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The information on this page was last updated 30 December 2004
Winnie the Pooh stories are what attract and maintain young readers and parents to this 34 page magazine. The comic magazine is doing very well. Average circulation after six issues is 18,000 copies, compared to the 1996 average of 12,700 copies and 15,800 copies in 1997.

The No. 3 issue in 1998 was published with a small paint box offered as a promotion. This issue reached an all-time high, selling 26,000 copies. Shortly thereafter, issue No. 5 included a shrink-wrapped beach ball, and broke the old record by selling 28,600 copies.

Winnie the Pooh comic magazine is a co-production between Norway and Sweden. The monthly title was successfully launched in Sweden in 1998.

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