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Format 13.4 x 19 cm / 260 pages
StatusActive Active: Since 1989
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FrequencyEvery two months
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The information on this page was last updated 9 April 2006
Hiper Disney, launched in 1989, is now released every two months by Edimpresa in Portugal. Each issue of Hiper Disney has 200+ pages and is packed with comics from cover to cover. It provides hours of reading fun to a primarily young age group, but also to veteran Disney fans. The series contains stories featuring Carioca Zé, Mickey, Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, ... and all the heroes and villains of the Disney universe in short to long comic stories.

In the early 2000s Hiper Disney moved towards an older audience, having published some stories from the Italian Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine, PK Paperinik and Don Rosa's Life of $crooge. More recently, the title started printing stories from the new Italian series PP8 Paperino Paperotto.

July 1995 issue of Hiper Disney:

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