Country: Portugal
Cancelled Álbum Disney 5.73 ? - ?
Cancelled As Melhores Historias 5.38 ? - ?
Cancelled Disney Aventuras 6.08 1989 - ?
Cancelled Disney Mania 5.64 2000  
Cancelled Disney Mania 5.76 ? - ?
Cancelled Mickey (2) 6 1995 - 1999
One-Shot Pato Donald 60 Anos 3.6 1994  
Cancelled Super Disney Aventuras 5.76 ? - ?
Cancelled Super Jovem 6.19 ? - ?
Cancelled Top Disney 5.71 1992 - ?
Cancelled Winnie the Pooh 6.15 ? - ?

About Abril/controljornal

Abril Jovem is part of Editorial Abril and
publishes Disney comics in Portugal. One of the largest publishers in the world, Editorial Abril
is headquartered in Sao Baulo, Brazil. The Portuguese market
benefits not only from Disney comics imported from Brazil
(like Margarida), but also from locally developed magazines.

When launching the flagship weekly, Super Jovem, Abril
Jovem conducted extensive research on the Portuguese
market. The results led to a magazine that targets
both boys and girls interested in current events, celebrities
and action-oriented comic stories. Super Jovem is
designed to be a contemporary, trendy magazine
which can compete which can compete with the
numerous TV and celebrity magazines that are
published in Portugal. Super Jovem is regularly
advertised on television and the radio, with additional point
of sale advertising. In terms of purchasers,
research reveals that 75% of Portuguese Disney
magazines are purchased by children, and 25%
by parents. This indicates a significant level
of purchasing decisions being made by children
who have access to a least a small
discretionary income.

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