Acclaim Comics

Country: United States
Cancelled Action Club Magazine 5.84 1997  
Cancelled Disney's Enchanting Stories 5.73 1997  
Cancelled Enchanting Stories 5.78 ? - ?
One-Shot Hercules, the Movie 5.18 1997  

About Acclaim Comics

While rights to the Silly Symphony characters and those from features - like Song of the South and Alice in Wonderland - which are no longer in theatrical release - went to Gladstone as part of this agreement, rights to all characters created from the 1980s onward went to Marvel Comics, which has published comics such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid since this point.

In 1997 these rights went to Acclaim comics, taking over the titles from Marvel comics, Acclaim started published Action Club Magazine and Echanting Stories.

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