Children's Fun Publishing Co.

Country: China
Active 米老鼠 (Mickey Mouse) 5.62 ?  
Active Little Princess 5.56 ?  
Active W.i.t.c.h. 6.86 (#41) ?  
Active Winnie the Pooh 5.84 ?  
One-Shot World Cup special issue 5.91 2006  

About Children's Fun Publishing Co.

Children's Fun Publishing Co. Ltd (CFP) holds a very special position in China as the first and only publishing joint venture. The company is owned by Egmont, which is one of the Europe's leading media entertainment companies and the largest publisher of children's books in Europe, and the People's Post and Telecommunications Publishing House (PPTPH), which is one of the China's most respected publishers.

CFP was established in 1994 with the launch of the Chinese version of the world-famous Mickey Mouse Magazine - Mi Lao Shu Zazhi. The magazine has grown rapidly and today Mi Lao Shu is the preferred magazine for kids and teens across China. Later on, CFP also published Winnie the Pooh, Princess and Witch.

CFP creates, translates, and co-publishes entertainment and learning-oriented comic books for all tastes among China's new young generation. The books are based on renowned comic characters from the universes of Walt Disney, CCTV, Shanghai Animated Film Studio, BBC, Mercis and other leading media entertainment companies.

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