Dar Al Hilal

Country: Egypt

About Dar Al Hilal

Dar Al Hilal is one of Disney's oldest publishers in the Middle East, and the first to publish Disney magazines in the region. When Mickey Magazine was first published in 1959, it contained only 32 pages. Since then, it has grown to 44 pages. The distribution network assured by Dar Al Hilal means that Mickey Magazine, the weekly bestseller for children under 14, is available throughout Egypt and the rest of North Africa.

Market Research. Children in Egypt have enjoyed Mickey Magazine since 1959. Studies indicate that 10% of children's free time is dedicated to reading, with the balance of leisure activities spent watching television, playing sports and playing video games. In Egypt, 85% og the 39,500 copies sold each week are purchased by children. This indicates that children enjoy small discretionary income and are faithful readers of Mickey Mouse comic stories.

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