Dogan Egmont Publications

Country: Turkey
Active Disney Prenses 5.32 2002  > today
Active Donald Amca 5.32 1995  > today
Active W.i.t.c.h. 6.38 2003  > today
Active Winnie the Pooh 6.28 2000  > today

About Dogan Egmont Publications

Doðan Egmont Publications, a joint venture of Danish Media Group Egmont Foundation and Doðan Media Group, is established in 1996. Doðan Egmont (DE) is the most preferred publishing house targeting 3 to 14 year old children in Turkey. The company is the sole licensed publisher of Walt Disney books and magazines in Turkey.

Apart from Disney products, Doðan Egmont also publishes magazines and books from world-known publishers such as Warner Bros, Pestalozzi, Mattel, IMPS, PAWS, Usborne, TOPPS, Reader's Digest etc. Doðan Egmont grants heavy emphasis on its distribution channels, widespread and strongest in juvenile publishing. DE owns more than 55% of the market share in children's magazines and more than 25% of market share in children's books. Books are distributed around 900 sales points including chain stores such as D&R, Migros, Tansaþ, Carrefour, GIMA, Beðendik, KÝPA, Dünya Gençlik Merkezi; and distinguished book stores like Remzi Kitabevleri and Nezih Kitabevleri. Mass market books are distributed around 3,000 kiosks.

Striving for creativity with high quality, DE has meanwhile gained a self-assured entity throughout its dynamic staff who are experienced professionals, all dedicated to the field of juvenile publication. Doðan Egmont magazines, which are Donald Amca, Milliyet Kardeþ, Winnie The Pooh, Barbie, and Garfield reach over 10,000 sales points through Yaysat's distribution network.

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