Egmont Estonia

Country: Estonia
Active Karupoeg Puhh 5.15 ?  
Active Miki Hiir 5.84 1991  > today
Active Miki Moistatused 5.14 ?  
Cancelled Onu Robert 6.21 ? - ?

About Egmont Estonia

Egmont Estonia is part of the larger Egmont Group and is responsible for the publication of Disney comics in Estonia. As part of The Egmont Group's extensive contract with The Walt Disney Company, Disney magazines have rolled out across Eastern Europe as more and more countries become accessible. Egmont has steadily entered Eastern Europe over the past six years, beginning in Hungary in 1988. Local Egmont offices staffed by Eastern European nationals are responsible for the day to day busniness of Disney magazine publishing, with Egmont headquarters remaining in Denmark. The spearhead in each market is the Mickey Mouse magazine, which is launched to build Disney name recognition. Reading and activity books are then published to reinforce and leverage off the entertaining and educational reputation established by the magazine. With a consumer base of 250 million people, Eastern Europe will become an increasingly powerful sector of Europe, and Disney magazines will be part of the growth for years to come.
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