Egmont Hrvatska

Country: Croatia
Cancelled Carl Barks Library in Color 6.29 1997 - ?
Active Disney i Mi 6.12 ?  
Cancelled Dzepni Patak 4.89 ? - ?
Active Medvjedic Winnie Pooh 6 ?  
Cancelled Mickey Mouse Digest 5.63 ? - ?
Active Miki Maus & prjatelji 4.67 ?  
Active Princeza 4.97 ?  
Active W.i.t.c.h. 5.85 ?  

About Egmont Hrvatska

Egmont Hrvatska publishes Miki Miska and Dzepni Patak in Croatia.
Disney characters have been popular with Slovenian and Croatian children for more than half a century. Now, following the hiatus in publishing which occurred when the former Yugoslavia dissolved, Mickey is back, and many people are happy. In May of 1996, Disney and Egmont Slovenia launched two new monthly Disney magazines, Miki Miska and Dumbo, officially marking the return of the Disney characters to this young republic. Miki Miska has a print run of 20,000 copies per month, and the preschool magazine Dumbo will run 10,000 copies monthly.
Nearly 4,000 children celebrated the magazine launch in one of Slovenia's largest department stores, Interspar, where a giant Mickey Mouse balloon floated proudly above the festivities. National and private TV, radio and all of the major newspapers provided extensive publicity for the event.
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