Egmont Hungary

Country: Hungary
Cancelled Boehoem Koenyv 6.31 ? - ?
Cancelled Disney Hirlap 5.97 1994 - ?
Cancelled Donald Kacsa Digest 5.89 ? - ?
Cancelled Donald Kacsa Magazin 5.98 1995 - 2009
Active Donald Kacsa Zsebk√∂nyv 5.69 ?  
Active Dumbo 4.9 ?  
Active Hercegnok 4.97 ?  
Active Micimacko magazin 5.71 1998  > today
Cancelled Mickey Mouse 5.21 1988 - ?
Active W.i.t.c.h. 6.04 ?  

About Egmont Hungary

In 1988, the doors to Eastern Europe swung open and the first Disney magazine was introduced to young Hungarian readers. Since that time, not only did the Mickey Mouse magazine meet success, but Donald Duck and Dumbo magazines were launched, and extensive book programs and licensed merchandise were introduced to the country.

12 television spots were ordered for September by Egmont Hungary KFT to support the bi-weekly Donald Duck magazine. For the monthly Dumbo magazine, a three-month post card collection campaign was launched. Egmont sold 1,100 copies of the Disney Summer Pack in five days, and had very good results of their summer participation in the Disney Magic Week with their full product range. Sticker albums as well as hard and soft cover Classics, Mini and activity books are some of the book products which enjoy success here. The Wonderful World of Reading Book Club is now being tested in this market.

Currently available titles in this country are Mickey Mouse, Dumbo and Disney Hirlap.

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