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Country: United Kingdom
Active Disney and me 5.97 ?  
Active Disney Fairies 6.45 ?  
Active Disney's Princess 5.86 1998  > today
Active Disney's Puzzle Land 5.81 2003  > today
Active Winnie the Pooh 5.78 ?  

About Egmont Magazines

Egmont Magazines, the UK’s leading publisher of children’s periodicals, is dedicated to creating the best entertainment magazines for children in the UK.

Egmont Magazines works with some of the world's leading entertainment companies and brands (e.g. Disney and Mattel) to bring children's favourite characters to life within exciting, high-quality environments.

Many of the titles are established brands in their own right, with strong and loyal followings among children and their parents; titles which are able to deliver discrete children’s target audiences in substantial numbers.

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