Egmont Neografia

Country: Slovakia
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About Egmont Neografia

In 1991, Egmont CSFR began publishing Mickey Mouse Magazine in Czechoslovakia. With the recent creation of two seperate republics, Mickey Mouse magazine is now published by Egmont Neografia in Bratislava and Egmont CR in Prague. Both publishing houses recently sponsored drawing contests for children in several cities. In Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, with 10% of the population, 140 children gathered on May 15 to draw pictures in the city's main square. Winning artists received books from Egmont Neografia. A similar contest was organized in four Czech cities on Children's Day, June 1. In cooperation with NOVA TV, the morning program featured the drawing contest. Prizes awarded were six-month subscriptions to Mickey Mouse bi-weekly magazine.

Following a nationwide campaign of POP and promotional material to support Pocahontas, cross promotions for The Hunchback of Notre Dame are planned by Egmont CR. The promotions will be conducted with Telecom, McDonald's, Hasbro, Herlitz and BMG. Egmont CR also continues to invest in the Wonderful World of Reading Book CLub as an important player in the direct mail market. In addition, a television commercial campaign has been planned to support the bi-weekly Donald Kacer and Dumbo magazines this fall. Egmont CR has also designed a two-page competition in connection with the Donald Kacer TV campaign.

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