Egmont Romania

Country: Romania
Active Disney Princess 5.9 ?  
Active Donald Duck 4.99 2004  > today
Cancelled Mickey Mouse 5.2 1991 - 2004
Active W.i.t.c.h. 5.63 2003  > today
Active Winnie Ursuletul 5.42 2004  > today

About Egmont Romania

Egmont Russia is responsible for the publication of Disney comic magazines in Romania. As part of The Egmont Group's extensive contract with The Walt Disney Company, Disney magazines have rolled out across Eastern Europe as more and more countries become accessible. Egmont has steadily entered Eastern Europe over the past six years, beginning in Hungary in 1988.

Disney comics in Romania are published by Egmont Romania. The publisher launched a few new titles in 2004 that are available today. They include: bi-weekly Donald Duck, monthly Winnie Ursuletul, monthly Disney Princess and monthly W.i.t.c.h.. The bestselling title is Princess, which has a print-run of 20,000 copies.
Egmont Romania SRL
Bd. Carol I, nr. 12
sector 3
030164 Bucuresti

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