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Country: Taiwan
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About Egmont Taiwan

Egmont Taiwan was established in 1998 and followed the European model, by focusing on children's comics. As this strategy proved unsuccessful, the company changed it's strategy in 2000, focusing on local market demands and niche. Following Egmont's corporate mission "Learn and have fun while they read, watch, listen, write and play," Egmont Taiwan provided high quality and stylish products with strong marketing efforts.

Instead of just finding another office building for Egmont in Taipei, General Manager Shih-Fang Chen wanted to establish an "Egmont House" with a shop at street level where kids and their parents can discover and buy Egmont products.

"We have so many products for kids, and since our strategy is to become Taiwans largest provider of printed edutainment for children, we decided to combine our showroom with a shop", says Shih-Fang Chen.

Taiwan is a growing market for printed edutainment for kids. Egmont´s target group consists of 5 million 0-14-year olds. People have a high income and willingness to spend money on their kids, which gives Egmont Taiwan a foothold with products like Winnie the Pooh and Noddy.

Egmont Taiwan Limited
#23, Lane 280, Kuang-Fu South Road,
Taipei, 106, Taiwan

TEL: +886 2 2776 5165 ext 501
FAX: +886 2 2776 5181

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