Nation Egmont

Country: Thailand
Cancelled Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers 4.63 ? - ?
Cancelled Goofy Adventures 6.12 ? - ?
Cancelled Mickey Mouse Pocketbook 6.46 (#99) ? - ?
Active Micky 4.03 ?  

About Nation Egmont

Aiming to expand more rapidly in the Asia market, Egmont decided to join hands with a local partner who is currently engaged in the children publishing business, instead of starting from scratch. Nation Edutainment, a subsidiary of Thailand's leading multi-media player, Nation Multimedia Group, is the sole and prominent mate chosen by Egmont. Similarly, Egmont's presence in international markets and expertise in children's publications would ultimately contribute to the success of any joint venture business.

Nation Egmont is part of the Nation Group (

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