Country: Greece
Active Αλμανάκο (Almanako) 7.71 (#6) 1990  > today
Active Βιβλιοθήκη Κόμιξ (Komix Library) 7.73 (#5) 2008  > today
Cancelled Η Μικρή Γοργόνα (I Mikri Worwona) 6.37 1998 - ?
Cancelled Κόμιξ (Komix) 8.18 (#1) 1988 - 2013
Active Μίκυ Μάους (Miky Maous) 7.65 (#7) 1966  > today
Cancelled Μίκυ Μυστήριο (Mickey Mistirio) 7.96 (#2) 1995 - 2005
Active Μίννι (Minni) 7 (#35) 1995  > today
Active Μεγάλα Σήριαλ (Megala Serial) 7.65 (#8) ?  
Active Μεγάλο Μίκυ (Megalo Miky) 7.64 (#10) 1967  > today
Active Ντόναλντ (Donald) 7.89 (#3) 1994  > today
Cancelled Σούπερ Μίκυ (Super Miky) 7.13 (#26) 1979 - ?
Cancelled Φεστιβάλ (Festival) 7.03 (#33) 2001 - 2005
Active Χαρούμενες Ιστορίες Ντίσνεϋ 6.72 (#50) 1989  > today
Active Gouini 6.7 (#53) 2000  > today
Active Klasika 7.83 (#4) 1970  > today
Active Pasatempos 7.08 (#31) 2000  > today
Cancelled Sπέσιαλ (Special) 7.29 (#20) 1999  
Active W.i.t.c.h. 7.29 (#19) 2002  > today


In Greece, Disney magazines are published by Nea Aktina A.E., a subsidiary of Ekdoseis Terzopoulos and D.O.L. since 1999.

The first Greek Mickey Mouse was published by Christos Terzopoulos of Evangelos Terzopoulos Publishing Enterprises on Friday 1 July 1966. Christos Terzopoulos remains both publisher and editor of Disney magazines. Miky Maous is the second oldest title in Greece, surpassed only by Gynaika magazine, also published by Christos Terzopoulos. But because it's a weekly, Miky Maous, holds the record for the most issues of any magazine printed in Greece.

Over the years, more titles were added to the Disney collection; today, twelve titles are published. All magazines are printed in 4-color on high-quality paper. In Greece, Disney culture is extremely popular and appreciated by both parents and children. According to a international survey, the Disney name is more highly respected in Greece than anywhere else worldwide. Almost every Greek has been a Disney magazine reader at some point in his or her life. The magazines rarely offer presents or gadgets to support and enhance their circulation.

Despite Greece's small population of ten million people, Disney magazines cover most publication categories. Almanako is the only Disney magazine in the world aimed solely towards boys. Komix is a collector's magazine. It differs from other Disney collector's magazines in that it is not only limited to Donald Duck stories, but rather, it includes stories featuring the whole Disney family. All stories are re-colored and the magazines are printed in high quality paper.

Because the circulation of Disney magazines greatly increases over the summer, the company publishes three summer titles and also sells past issues

The address of NEA AKTINA is:

7 Fragoklisias st.
GR 151 25
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