Sanoma Magazines Finland

Country: Finland
Active Aku Ankan Taskukirja 5.36 1970  > today
Active Aku Ankan Taskukirja - Teemanumero 5.9 2001  > today
Active Aku Ankka 6.49 (#81) 1951  > today
Active Aku Ankka - Jumbo 5.58 1999  > today
Active Aku Ankka - Kuukauden sarjisekstra 5.8 1999  > today
Active Aku Ankka - neljännesvuosikerta 4.77 1970  > today
Active Aku Ankka päivästä päivään 5.82 1988  > today
Active Aku-Palat, Jatkopalat ja muut -Palat 5.85 1999  > today
Active Ankalliskirjasto 5.68 2002  > today
Active Ankantekijät 5.8 2002  > today
Active Ankkalinnan -kirjat 5.12 1997  > today
Active Don Rosa - kirjat 7.01 (#34) 1995  > today
Active Iines 6.14 2003  > today
Active Keijut 5.57 2006  > today
Active Mini-Taskari 5.64 2007  > today
Active Murrealbumit (dialect albums) 5.35 1998  > today
Active Nalle Puh 5.59 1981  > today
Active Prinsessa 4.38 ?  
One-Shot Roope Ankan Elama ja Teot 5.19 1997  
Active Roope Setä 6.39 1978  > today
Cancelled Satasivuiset / Aku Ankan karuselli -tehtävälehdet 4.93 1960 - 1988
Active Visukintun kielikylpy 6.03 2000  > today
Active W.i.t.c.h. 6.29 2002  > today
Active W.i.t.c.h. Aikakirjat 6.22 2003  > today
Active W.i.t.c.h. Ekstra 5.87 2003  > today

About Sanoma Magazines Finland

Sanoma Magazines Finland is the leading Finnish magazine publisher measured by net sales and total circulation. The company is the market leader in several significant target groups, such as women’s magazines, family magazines and juvenile publications. It is also a significant publisher of computer magazines and business publications.

The operating units of Sanoma Magazines Finland are: Magazines, Business Media, and Juvenile Publications. The offering of the Magazines unit includes Kodin Kuvalehti (family magazine), Me Naiset (women’s magazine), ET-lehti (senior citizens’ magazine), and the Gloria lifestyle magazines. The publishing program further includes special magazines, such as Hyvä Terveys (health), Tiede (sciences), Matkaopas (travel magazine) and Vauva (babies). Business Media’s publications include IT-viikko (information technology), as well as the computer magazines Mikrobitti and Tietokone. Business Media’s Custom Publications unit produces company magazines on a turnkey basis to a number of major Finnish corporations. Juvenile Books focuses on the Disney world: the most important publications include Aku Ankka (Finnish-language version of Donald Duck), Roope-setä (Finnish version of Uncle Scrooge), and Nalle Puh (Finnish version of Winnie the Pooh).

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