The Egmont Group

Country: Austria

About The Egmont Group

The Egmont Group works within five selected product areas targeted
at children an families. Activities include the creation, production,
publishing, marketing and distribution of books, films and magazines through a
vast network of publishing houses. Other activities are printing,
cinema operations, music distribution, radio and TV. The Egmont
is a media house with more than 100 companies in 24
countries. The Group is owned by the non-profit Egmont foundation
that grants money to social research and development projects,
especially concerning children and families.

Egmont signed its first contract with Disney in 1947, for the
Swedish Donald Duck magazine. Today, Egmont publishes Disney
magazine and book titles for the Nordic countries, the
German-speaking countries, the United Kingdom and most Eastern
European countries. Recently Egmont has pushed into Asia, with
the first Chinese Disney magazine.

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