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Disney comics in Turkey

Disney comics were introduced to Turkey in 1936 by Ülkü Yayýnevi with Çocuk Sesi’nin Miki Fare Albümü. Ülkü was a pioneering publisher of children’s magazines in Turkey. After Çocuk Sesi merged with Afacan in 1939 publication ceased in 1942 and there were no Disney comics published in Turkey until 1953, when the weekly Çocuklara Armaðan was launched, printing traced material from the American Walt Disney's Comics & Stories.

Traced stories from WDC&S also frequently appeared in the pages of Doðan Çocuk, Turkey's most popular children's magazine after the second world war. In 1957 Milliyet, one of Turkey's leading newspapers, started printing licensed daily strips of Scamp.

In 1962 Pulhan Yayýnlarý began publishing the Miki weekly with licensed stories, which was cancelled in 1965. In 1966 Arkýn Kitabevi took over the license and launched Renkli Miki, which was cancelled within a year.

In 1970 Hakký Bigeç launched Miki Maus which printed Italian-made stories. In 1979, Tay Yayýnlarý began publishing a bi-weekly Disney comics magazine titled Miki, containing mostly short stories. Unfortunately also this title was cancelled after two years.

In 1993 Ana Yayýncýlýk began publishing Disney Dünyasý and was later taken over by Doðan Yayýncýlýk, which built a partnership with Egmont in Denmark, which then put out Donald Amca in place of Disney Dünyasý and accompanied it by a new Mickey Mouse monthly.

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StatusTitle Rating FromTill
Canceled Çocuk Sesi’nin Miki Fare Albümü 4.94 1936 - ?
Canceled Çocuklara Armaðan 6.15 1953  
Canceled Disney Dunyasi 4.91 1993 - 1995
Active Disney Prenses 5.32 2002  > today
Active Donald Amca 5.32 1995  > today
Canceled Mickey Mouse 6.02 1995 - ?
Canceled Mickey Mouse Album 4.64 1996 - ?
Canceled Miki (1) 5.96 1962 - 1965
Canceled Miki (2) 4.42 1979 - 1981
Canceled Miki Maus 5.06 1970 - 1971
Canceled Pinokyo 5.57 1956  
Canceled Renkli Miki 5.78 1966 - 1967
Canceled Vak Vaka Kardeþ 3.75 ? - ?
Active W.i.t.c.h. 6.38 2003  > today
Active Winnie the Pooh 6.28 2000  > today
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