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Last updated December 2007
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These albums are our yearbooks. They summarize our travels and other important events in each year.

6 - The year 2007
The year 2007, Photo Album of Amy and Arthur
We started 2007 with a birding vacation in Gambia. In the spring we had many sunny weekends where we visited places in Holland, like Keukenhof and Texel. In May we were in Andalusia in the south of Spain and in October we had a diving holiday in Egypt.
5 - The year 2006
The year 2006, Photo Album of Amy and Arthur
We began 2006 in Deerfield, then backpacked through Rajasthan India in March, canoed and camped in Brittany, ate tapas in Madrid, and dived in the Oostvoornse Meer. In October we go to he Florida Keys.
4 - The year 2005
The year 2005, Photo Album of Amy and Arthur
In 2005 we went a weekend to Antwerp in February, in April we made a roadtrip of South Florida and in May we stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside resort at Walt Disney World. In June we went to Naples for a few days, in September we went to Hurghada for diving in the Red Sea, in October we were in Paris, November in London, and in December we visited Amy's parents in Deerfield for Christmas.
3 - The year 2004
The year 2004, Photo Album of Amy and Arthur
In 2004 we made a road-trip in Tunisia (where we visited Tunis, Cartaghe, El Jem, Dougga, Matmata, Douz and Tozeur) and a road-trip from Chicago to Colorado (where we visited Rocky Mountain National Park, Mese Verde and Great Sand Dunes). We also went a weekend to Rome, London and het Vennenbos, and we made day trips to Germany, France and Belgium.
2 - The year 2003
The year 2003, Photo Album of Amy and Arthur
In 2003 year we travelled down the Nile in Egypt from the pyramids of Giza to Abu Simbel in the south. We made a roadtrip to the coast of Normandy, and visited our friends in Oulu, Finland and stayed the weekend in Helsinki. We also had short trips to London, Paris, Dublin, Disneyland Paris, and spent Christmas in Deerfield, IL. Arthur went a week to Boston for work.
1 - The year 2002
The year 2002, Photo Album of Amy and Arthur
We started 2002 by going to Evenstad and Oslo, Norway in February, followed by weekend trips to Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Trier in Germany. In May we explored the island of Lesbos in Greece and hopped over to Turkey for a day. In the summer we bought a house and moved from Rotterdam to Leiden. We also made day trips to Belgium, France and Germany.