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Did you know there is beef in Pop-Tarts, M&M’s and Mentos?

Posted on Friday, September 15th, 2006 at 6:13 pm CET

I didn’t realize this, but many food products like Pop-Tarts, M&M’s, Cupcakes, Snicker bars, etc. have beef or pork gelatin in them.

Mentos with beef

There are so many meatless products that have beef enzymes, pork gelatin or chicken in it, it’s disgusting. Check out this list of products and ingredients:

M&M's with beef

Product brand name Ingredient
Hostess Cupcakes Pork gelatin
Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts (frosted) Beef gelatin
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats     Pork gelatin
Ranch Salad Dressing Pork/beef enzymes
Gold Fish Crackers Micro beef enzymes
Hershey’s Cheetos Calf
Twix bar Beef gelatin
Mentos Beef gelatin

And the list goes on — you can find a longer list at The Hare Krsnas.

Kellogg's Pop Tarts with beef gelatin

An FAQ on Kellogg’s website says:

Gelatin, which is used in some of our products to provide texture, is derived from either beef or pork. Products containing pork gelatin include Kellogg cereal products with marshmallow additives (i.e., Kellogg’s® Marshmallow Froot Loops cereal and Kellogg’s Smorz® cereal) and all varieties of Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treats® Squares. Products containing beef gelatin include all varieties of Kellogg’s® Frosted Pop-Tarts®, Kellogg’s® Frosted Mini-Wheats® cereal, Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treats cereal, and the Kellogg’s® Fruit-Flavored Snacks that contain gelatin.

I don’t want to give up Pop-Tarts, M&M’s, etc … so this new piece of information will probably not change my eating habits, but still … it’s really amazing they do this, and what I don’t understand is how they can go about putting vague ingredients on their packaging, like “Type B Gelatin”, when that’s really beef or pork gelatin they’re talking about.

There are alternatives to beef/pork-based gelatin, like agar agar, a jelly obtained from the cell walls of some species of red algae or seaweed.

Wouldn’t you rather have seaweed and algae in your Strawberry Pop-Tarts than beef or pork?


Goldfish with beef gelatin



Feb 29, 2012
8:10 am
#1 blueladybug75 wrote:

WOW! It amazes me that people don’t take resposibility for their own actions! Ingredients are listed on every food product you buy, so if you choose to be ignorant about the food you are eating, then don’t bitch about it and blame someone else!

“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.”-Albert Einstein

Feb 29, 2012
8:16 am
#2 blueladybug75 wrote:

BTW….Yoplait claims that their yogurt is kosher, but they put carmine (crushed up beetle parts-yuck!) in their strawberry yogurt!

Dec 2, 2012
9:32 pm
#3 King carnivore wrote:

I love meat and I hate people who don’t eat it

Mar 31, 2013
10:42 am
#4 Rizel wrote:

I am a vegetarian and I had no idea! I got a gummy candy today, and was reading the ingredients and found this ingredient: gelatin (beef). EEEW. I looked up what gelatin is exactly , and what they mean by gelatin (beef) and found so much that is just sickening. So many people dont know that gelatin contains meat products and many are like me, vegetarian! They should put something on there letting you know that gelatin contains meat products. I’m gonna feel so dumb if I am the only one who had no clue about this now.

Jul 29, 2013
1:17 am
#5 Moo-Lolly-Bar wrote:

We didn’t realise that Pop-Tarts, M&MS and Mentos had beef in them but will be sure to let our customers know.

Oct 28, 2014
12:32 am
#6 Shania Baker wrote:

Oh wow! I have been a vegetarian for a year and a month now. I am glad I saw thins before I ate any of it. Thank you for this new information!!!!! 🙂

Oct 28, 2014
12:34 am
#7 Shania Baker wrote:


Apr 7, 2015
7:49 am
#8 Scott D wrote:

@Jeannie #40. What a great speech. I think all us vegetarians are going to go back to supporting the killing of animals after reading that… not. Humans used to kill each other for territory, food or because someone pissed us off. We don’t do that anymore because we are civilized and more advanced. Believing god put animals on the earth for us to eat is the most selfish point of view. All animals have a right to a free life and we should embrace the diverse wildlife we have instead of killing it unnecessarily. Plus Livestock farming is less efficient than being vegetarian or vegan and causes increased pollution. Everyone has different opinions but don’t tell us what’s right or wrong because you will lose the moral high ground every time. Rant over 🙂 Keep it up animal lovers ;D

Aug 31, 2015
7:02 am
#9 Niki wrote:

We’re not vegetarians in our family but my daughter is allergic to alpha-gal and can’t have any mammalian meats does anyone know of a website that has a list of meat products in foods this includes the ingredient gelatin

Dec 29, 2015
9:16 pm
#10 Jose Angel Corujo Soto wrote:

Look I wish to have a easyer lifestyle routine , honest to God I would like to have time to prepare nice healty breakfast but tell even with Self Driven Cars how you are going to cook in a car takare of your eldel father and trying to find a date or its easier to go into gas station fill in the car gas tank grab a pop tart you do not even have to warm it up I wish poptarts were made out oatmeal but they fill me till one inthe afternoon give us customer a poptart credit card and we would tell the world what hunger its stop being so hard on food lovers I enjoy poptarts since I was little what are going to healty for less dollars How plesant it is to eat a poptart its so romantic to munch them…

Jan 20, 2016
4:09 pm
#11 PJ wrote:

After tick bites, I’m been having increasingly severe allergic reactions to beef or beef products the last four years if I accidentally get it in my diet. Now I’m having allergic reactions to gelatin capsules, milk and milk products including whey. The increased sensitivity was unexpected and unwelcome. This information was helpful. More ingredient info always appreciated. It would have saved many trips to an allergist and dermatologist! With all the processed foods, it’s difficult to find pure protein sources.
Still missing a good burger!

Jun 9, 2016
4:29 pm
#12 lola wrote:

this is bullshit

Jun 9, 2016
4:31 pm
#13 lola wrote:

crap i ate all of these stuff before THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the worst part of it is that im muslim

Jun 9, 2016
4:32 pm
#14 lola wrote:


May 10, 2017
2:42 pm
#15 Kathen wrote:

Thanks so much I will definitely be using this. I’ve been vegetarian for over seven years thanks for this

Mar 30, 2018
9:49 am
#16 Ariannah wrote:

If you hate people who don’t like meat, you’re basically hating people’s opinions. Everyone has a freedom to their opinion. I know you didn’t say this, but if you want the meat haters to die? Then you think that people don’t have a right to their opinion. If you’re not gonna at anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Mar 30, 2018
9:49 am
#17 Ariannah wrote:


May 15, 2018
2:46 pm
#18 Virginia wrote:

Maybe you can further expound on this subject by including

May 15, 2018
2:50 pm
#19 Virginia wrote:

Sorry, my post sent before I was done! Please add MEAT GLUE to your info; it is even more disgusting than gelatin, being made from beef & pork BLOOD PRODUCTS….used in everything from yogurt to tofu to ice creams to gravies! Industry is NOT required to label these ingredients and you will be shocked to find that it is now in almost EVERYTHING we eat, just like Round-Up & GMO’S

May 24, 2018
10:06 am
#20 Jamie wrote:

That’s crazy

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