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Stunning Atlantis launch video

Posted on November 27th 2009 by Arthur in Space, Videos

Space Shuttle Atlantis just landed safely back at Kennedy Space Center. I wish we could have been there to witness it. On our visit to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge last week we learned that a great place to watch the landing is from the park’s visitor center, which lies just at the beginning of the nearly 3 mile long runway. You must know exactly when to look though, as you won’t be able to see the shuttle coming and it’ll fly right overhead.

Here’s a great video compilation of the STS-129 launch, compiled by NASA’s Systems Engineering & Integration (via Facebook):

Disney catnip is the best

Posted on June 20th 2009 by Amy in Disney, Personal, Videos

The last two times we were in Orlando, we picked up these catnip toys. Arby and Alex both loved them so much.


We’d gotten them catnip toys in Holland but they were totally not interested – for them it was the American stuff or nothing.

Last week we spent an afternoon at Downtown Disney. We looked for the Good Kitty / Bad Kitty nip toys but could only find these new ones.


We’re still unpacking from the trip and these were sitting in a bag downstairs. I noticed Arby rooting around in the bag – when I checked, I found the toys. We’d forgotten about them so Arby found them himself!

Fourth Nip Toy

It’s still good stuff. Disney catnip is the best!

Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Seen: LED Sheep Art

Posted on March 19th 2009 by Arthur in Craziest Things I've Ever Seen, Videos

In this video some guys strapped vests with lights onto sheep and had them run around in specific patterns to create art on a hillside in Wales. They even have them play pong! I’m not sure if it’s fake or not, but it’s still a pretty crazy idea. What is this for? A Samsung commercial? Very weird indeed!

Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Seen: Giant Tumbleweeds

Posted on February 18th 2009 by Arthur in Craziest Things I've Ever Seen, Videos

Check out this video showing giant tumbleweeds causing traffic to stop on a highway in Salinas, California. A tumbleweed is the dry part of a plant that tumbles around a desert-like area after its been seperated from its root by wind. It is a symbol of the American west, and you’ll often see them in western movies. Usually they are a lot smaller than the ones in this video. Haha, it’s the attack of the giant tumbleweeds!

Tour of the ISS

Posted on January 25th 2009 by Arthur in Space, Videos

Astronaut Michael Fincke, current commander of Expedition 18, gives a 4-part tour of the International Space Station with his hand-held camera. He arrived at the station aboard the Soyuz on October 14th, 2008 together with Russian cosmonaut Yuri Lonchakov. What strikes me most about this video is the size of the place, it is larger than I thought it was, and the amount of stuff everywhere. There are wires, laptops, equipment, bags, tools and all kinds of stuff hanging all over the place. Astronaut Mike gives a great 35-minute tour of all the different areas of the space station. Very cool stuff.

You can find the other three parts here, here and here.

Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Seen: Banjo Surgery

Posted on January 6th 2009 by Arthur in Craziest Things I've Ever Seen, Science & technology, Videos

Banjo player Eddie Adcock recently underwent brain surgery to fix a tremor in his right hand that prevented him from playing his famous bluegrass music. During the procedure Eddie was awake and continued to play the banjo to help doctors navigate to the exact spot in his brain that would restore his talent. The surgeon poked different spots inside his brains and he would say if he could play the banjo better or worse. Reminds me of getting an eye exam, except the eye doctor doesn’t poke around in my brains to get my prescription!!

After the tests the surgeon implanted a remote-controlled electrode at the spot to stimulate the brain to improve his tremors. This clip from ABC’s Good Morning America shows Eddie Adcock trying to write and play the banjo with the electrode turned off and then on. The improvement is incredible. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen!

Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Seen: Fainting Goats

Posted on December 23rd 2008 by Arthur in Craziest Things I've Ever Seen, Funny, Videos

Okay, this is a very old video on YouTube and more than four million people have seen this already, but this is incredible; the fainting goat is a breed of domestic goat whose muscles freeze for about 10 seconds when it is startled. Younger goats usually collapse on their side, but older ones learn to spread their legs or lean against something when startled. Why have I never heard of this? It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen:


Dolphin Stampede

Posted on December 17th 2008 by Arthur in Videos

Whoa, check out all the dolphins in this video. These dolphins are herding a school of fish and are about to have a big feast: