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Trimming our big Live Oak tree

Posted on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 at 11:13 am CET

For a while I have been wanting to get a company to cut some branches off the big Live Oak tree in our backyard. Some branches were hanging over or very close to the house. In the front we also had a live oak with a large branch almost touching our electric wires. A few weeks ago a guy rang the doorbell and asked if we needed to have our palm trees trimmed. I said that that wasn’t necessary, but I asked him if he would be able to do the big tree in our backyard. After an estimate we decided to hire his company and a couple of days later he and two other guys came by to do the work.

Here are two before pictures:
One of the guys climbed into the tall tree with ease. He tied a thick rope to each limb before cutting it off with his chainsaw so that it could be lowered down slowly.
We found some Florida Rough Green Snakes in the branches that fell down. They were okay and Amy relocated them to another part of our yard.
We asked if they could leave some of the wood, so they cut them up and left us a nice little pile for our fireplace.
And here's an after picture with two large branches removed.


Sep 26, 2015
7:49 pm
#1 Jl hodgins wrote:

How much did that cost you?

Oct 1, 2015
6:47 pm
#2 Wolfstad wrote:

We paid $300, but they did another tree also.

Jul 18, 2016
11:15 am
#3 Jade Brunet wrote:

Thank you for sharing your experience with having your oak tree trimmed. It looks like you had a good experience and I am happy that you even got to save the fallen snakes by relocating them. I am in a similar situation right now except for the tree that needs trimmed is a pine tree. It is good to know that a chainsaw was used in your project. I think this is the approach that we will take as well.

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