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Emptying our house

Posted on September 12th 2008 by Arthur in Personal, The Big Move

Today we moved our couch, a cabinet, Amy’s bike and some other things to our family in Roosendaal. Our house is getting pretty empty now, and we just have some essential furniture left. We rented this small truck at Bo-rent to move the stuff:


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Photo tour of Leiden

Posted on September 11th 2008 by Arthur in Leiden

Next week we’ll be moving from Leiden in the Netherlands to the USA. We’ve lived here in Leiden for the last 6 years and really enjoyed this old charming town. Here are some of our pictures of Leiden.

This is Oude Vest looking at the harbour, about 5 minutes walking from our house. We pass this every time we walk to the center of town. There are a lot of canals like this in Leiden, lined with boats.

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Scottish/Irish Highland Festival in Estes Park

Posted on September 11th 2008 by Arthur in Travel

Four years ago today, on 11 September 2004, we were in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado, and saw the annual parade of the The Long Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival. We saw the parade of Clans & Tartans as well as the Grand March of the Dogs of the British Isles. Here are some photos of that day:


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Boxes shipped [2]

Posted on September 11th 2008 by Arthur in Personal, The Big Move

After sending off our boxes yesterday we heard back from Worldwide Baggage Services today about the costs and schedule. The costs are pretty close to what we had already calculated on their website, which is great. This is the only company that we could find where you could just fill in details about your shipment and destination online and instantly get a quote. Good stuff. Our things will be transported on the ship on the photo below (this actual ship!). It will leave in about two weeks and then arrive in Chicago two weeks later:

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Boxes shipped

Posted on September 9th 2008 by Arthur in Personal, The Big Move

Today we have finally shipped out our boxes for our move to the USA. Yippee! They will be shipped by boat and should arrive in Chicago in 6 to 8 weeks.

Leiden 021 (09-Sep).jpg

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Deep into packing

Posted on September 2nd 2008 by Amy in The Big Move

We’re trying to get our stuff shipped out by next week. Arthur’s doing most of the packing. I’m mostly just freaking out, chanting these songs: Let it Go and Give It Away and this one from RHCP.