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Boxes shipped

Posted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 9:46 pm CET

Today we have finally shipped out our boxes for our move to the USA. Yippee! They will be shipped by boat and should arrive in Chicago in 6 to 8 weeks.

Leiden 021 (09-Sep).jpg

These last weeks we have been busy packing up all the stuff that we want to bring to America. We decided to only ship boxes on pallets (instead of filling a whole container) and thus not bring our furniture and other big items.

We are using Worldwide Baggage Services to move our boxes. We filled in an online form yesterday with the transporation request and right away received an email that the boxes would be picked up today. At 4pm a truck came to pick them up.

Leiden 028 (09-Sep).jpg

Leiden 026 (09-Sep).jpg

Leiden 032 (09-Sep).jpg

So far the communication with WBS has gone smoothly. They have been very clear in explaining the process and their emails have been efficient. Within the next 24 hours we will hear how much it is going to cost. We already got an estimate using their online calculator but now they will see exactly how many cubic meters it is.

Hopefully all will go well and we’ll see our stuff on the other side of the big pond some time next month.

Leiden 034 (09-Sep).jpg


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