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Birdorable website renewed

Posted on January 22nd 2015 by Arthur in Personal, Websites & Tools

I finally launched our new Birdorable website today. It was a lot of work but I am happy with the result. We currently have 581 different bird species and 1504 designs on 87,396 products. Go check it out at and let me know what you think.

Birdorable website screenshot

First Decade of Wolfstad

Posted on November 18th 2010 by Arthur in Personal, Top Lists, Websites & Tools

I registered the domain just over 10 years ago and this blog has been around for about half that time. I haven’t been writing here as much as I used to, but it’s fun to look back at old posts and see what we’ve done over the years. I was just looking at Google Analytics and checked the most popular blog posts over the last 5 years. Here are 10 posts with the most pageviews:

  1. Hidden security tags in Old Navy jeans (01/2006)
  2. Quechua’s toss-and-go “Seconds” tents (07/2006)
  3. Top 10 budget things to do in Chicago (01/2006)
  4. The Rat Temple of Rajasthan (04/2006)
  5. Did you know there is beef in Pop-Tarts, M&M’s and Mentos? (09/2006)
  6. Top 10 things to do in Tunisia (02/2006)
  7. Brilliant bar concept at Footsie in Paris (10/2005)
  8. 10 Chicago Firsts: Famous Inventions (01/2009)
  9. Top 10 things to do in South Florida and the Keys (12/2006)
  10. Woodstock, set of Groundhog Day (12/2005)

Facebook’s photo verification

Posted on May 12th 2010 by Arthur in Craziest Things I've Ever Seen, Websites & Tools

I tried to log on to Facebook today from a public wifi location and Facebook wanted to verify who I was by showing me some random photos of Facebook friends. It tried to show me 7 photos with faces of friends and for each one I had to pick from a list of 6 names. In the end Facebook decided if I’d answer enough correct ones to let me in or not. Unfortunately, most of the photos I got were just random photos like screenshots from Farmville or photos like the one below.

How am I supposed to know who posted these photos? This is a ridiculous verification method. I ended up just guessing most of them. I had to try it four times and each time had to wait an hour before I could try again!

We Choose the Moon

Posted on July 14th 2009 by Arthur in Illinois, Space, Websites & Tools

July 16th will mark the 40th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, culminating in Neil Armstrong becoming the first human to step foot on the moon on July 20th in 1969. To commemorate this historic event, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum has set up an incredibly cool online experience which allows you to track the Apollo 11 mission from pre-launch to lunar touchdown. You can visit the website at where you can see that the pre-launch is already underway:

Screenshot of We Choose the

As part of the Apollo 11 celebration, former NASA astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovell will be at Northwestern University in Chicago on July 22nd for an evening discussion reflecting on their careers in space. We got two tickets for this event, which you can order here. Buzz Aldrin, of course, was the second man to set foot on the moon on Apollo 11, and Jim Lovell became most famous as the commander of the Apollo 13 mission, which suffered an explosion on its way to the moon but was brought back safely to Earth. It’ll be interesting and exciting to see these two legendary astronauts in real life next week. Aldrin will also be signing copies of his new book, Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon.

Disneyland Paris on Google Maps Street View

Posted on June 11th 2009 by Arthur in Disney, Websites & Tools

This is cool: Google Maps has added Street View of selected areas of Disneyland Paris. You can now ‘walk’ through Main Street, other parts of Disneyland, Disney Village and the Walt Disney Studios Park. Pretty neat!

Disneyland Paris Street View on Google Maps

CafePress Virtually Lays Off Thousands of Shopkeepers

Posted on April 23rd 2009 by Arthur in News, Websites & Tools

CafePress, the world’s leading print-on-demand service, announced a major change yesterday that will have a huge negative impact on its huge community shopkeepers that manage over 6 million shops. More »

Top Posts

Posted on March 15th 2009 by Arthur in Personal, Websites & Tools

This is my 300th post on this blog. To commemorate today’s milestone I thought it would be fun to have a look at the stats and see what our most visited posts have been over the years. These posts are all pretty old as they have had the most accumulative hits over the years:

  1. Hidden Security Tags in Old Navy Jeans
  2. The Rat Temple of Rajasthan
  3. Pirates of the Carribean 2: a rip-off of Monkey Island?
  4. Top 10 Things to do in Tunisia
  5. Quechuas Toss and Go Seconds Tents
  6. Pop Tarts with Beef Gelatin
  7. Top 10 Budget Things to do in Chicago
  8. Scuba in Europe’s Largest Swimming Pool
  9. Top 10 Things to do in South Florida and the Keys
  10. Driverless Robot Buses Crash

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Do you Twitter?

Posted on March 6th 2009 by Amy in Websites & Tools

Twitter has been in the news a lot lately. From stranded mountaineers using Twitter to audience members tweeting from the floor during President Obama’s address to Congress, the media seems caught up in a Twitter frenzy. I first remember hearing about Twitter in the media when a student in Egypt tweeted his way out of jail. Twitter also came up during the Mumbai terrorist attacks and eye-witness photos from the Miracle on the Hudson flashed through Twitter like lightening.
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My Bad Experience with UK2 Web Hosting

Posted on February 26th 2009 by Arthur in Personal, Websites & Tools

Over one year ago, at the beginning of 2008, I signed up for a web hosting package at UK2. I needed an SSL certificate which they offered with a special package, so I ordered that too. I had lots of issues with their service and the SSL never worked. After dozens of emails with the UK2 support desk I decided to get my money back and I canceled the service. I thought that that was it. Fast forward to this year. In January 2009 I suddenly received an invoice from UK2 of £54 for a website I never heard of, a real estate site. I sent UK2 an email about the mistake but never got a reply. Several days later the amount was taken off my credit card. I did a whois on the domain and found an address in London with my email address! Obviously UK2 had mixed up my details with another customer. More »

Obama Launches

Posted on February 18th 2009 by Arthur in Politics, Websites & Tools

President Obama signed the $787,000,000,000 economic stimulus bill in Denver yesterday. And, as promised, the new website was launched immediately. I love how the new President is using new media like You Tube videos, blogs and social network sites to get his message across and to keep the American people in the loop on everything he does. On this new website American taxpayers will be able to see where the money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is going. It is still pretty empty, but the site will soon display information visually, through maps, charts, and graphics to what projects all this money is going. screenshot