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Facebook’s photo verification

Posted on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 at 9:01 pm CET

I tried to log on to Facebook today from a public wifi location and Facebook wanted to verify who I was by showing me some random photos of Facebook friends. It tried to show me 7 photos with faces of friends and for each one I had to pick from a list of 6 names. In the end Facebook decided if I’d answer enough correct ones to let me in or not. Unfortunately, most of the photos I got were just random photos like screenshots from Farmville or photos like the one below.

How am I supposed to know who posted these photos? This is a ridiculous verification method. I ended up just guessing most of them. I had to try it four times and each time had to wait an hour before I could try again!


May 13, 2010
3:32 am

How bizarre! But thanks for sharing about this. I’ll have to log in from various locations soon with travel. And I have yet to log in to Facebook with my cell phone, so I wonder what will happen when I do? I’ll have to give this a try today.

May 14, 2010
5:02 pm
#2 Maria wrote:

You are correct this method is insane! I was in Chicago and tried to log in and id did the same thing — STUPID pictures that I could not identify sufficienty I am so mad I can’t access my account even from home so I am going to start a new one FACEBOOK SUCKS

May 16, 2010
12:55 am
#3 Kate wrote:

I cant log into my facebook for exactly the same reason and I have NO idea what to do!! One of the photos they wanted me to identify of my friends was of a GOAT! How on earth am I supposed to know who is using a goat as a pic????

I was in Bali until yesterday and tried to log in on one of the hotels computers. It asked me the photo verification and I failed. Now even back home on my own computer I can’t get in, keeps asking the same thing.

I can’t contact Facebook because I can’t log in. There is absolutely nothing I can do about this but kiss this account goodbye and I have well over 500 friends 🙁

May 16, 2010
11:42 pm
#4 Russell wrote:

I have over 260 friends… 260 of them are all for Car madness… I have no idea who the hell these people are…

Now I can’t get in to my account. They stole my information and now I have no way to close my account because the dumb ass verification methods wont let me in to edit anything and there is no way to contact them.

Jun 1, 2010
11:00 pm
#5 BigSmoke wrote:

Post your complaint here. Lev Popov, a software engineer with Facebook’s site integrity team is all proud of his new security feature and was interviewed for an article on eSecurity planet.

Jun 15, 2010
2:57 pm
#6 David Carroll wrote:

Facebook needs to have another way to logon from a different computer. This is completely messed up. I cannot login because I have over 1000 friends and have to know what they look like in every photos. You have to get 5 random pictures out of 7 photos in less than 4 minutes. I am so tired of these useless security issues. Who paid this idiot to come up with this lame security access. Can’t anyone do their job anymore.

Jul 13, 2010
9:01 pm
#7 Len wrote:

I too cant access my account……..This is the worst verification method ever seen…..what happened to your date of birth……I am sure that facebook is going to lose a lot of people

Jul 13, 2010
10:26 pm
#8 Len wrote:

No Helpdesk………………what a S*** organization……faceless……facebook

Aug 14, 2010
8:04 pm
#9 Carl Popp Sr wrote:

So friggin STUPID! I have over 600 friends. I am suppose to know each photo tag in every photo album for each of my friends. I really want to meet the idiot that designed this way to verify an account, and kick the living S___ out of her/him. Well maybe just slap the S___ if its a lady designer. Well, maybe have my wife Slap the S___ out of a her. But then if its a woman slapping a woman, can’t I request an upgrade to see my wife Kick the S___ out of her. In any case. I can’t log into facebook. and my crops are ALL DEAD. Thanks facebook. You did one better than Captcha security box, wanting me to add upside down japaneese Symbols from my Enlgish keyboard.

Aug 18, 2010
1:50 pm
#10 Sean storm wrote:

facebook has really out done it this time this verification method is the lamest and worst. facebook needs to do better, try another method, cause instead of letting us login they are keeping us out this is stupid and ridiculous.

Sep 2, 2010
1:42 pm
#11 Matthew Loop wrote:

Yeah… Facebook has really screwed this one up. Forget that some people have more than 2 friends, many of which they might not know the names. Forget the fact that people travel from place to place and don’t always use their personal computer or the same IP. Photo identification is ridiculous and they need to do away with it ASAP.

Sep 16, 2010
1:02 am

i have been trying to log into my account for seven days now.the photo identification is difficult coz a friend might have a photo but it is tagged with a different name,i know the friend but not the tagged one,so my account has logged me out,even though i come back after an hour it still refuses and says no verification methods available.i clicked on security code,they sent it to my email,and when i got back to paste it the query was am stuck with the code and cant use it to open my facebook trying to eliminate users one by one.if so then they got me too.I NEED MY ACCOUNT BACK.

Sep 20, 2010
3:07 am
#13 Lauren wrote:

I am in the same boat! I was at in-service training in charlotte NC last week and tried to log into Facebook from a computer at the hotel business center. How the hell am I supposed to remember EVERY photo in EVERY album of EVERY friend on my Facebook? Now that I am home, the problem persists and my message to Facebook was answered with a canned generic message.

Sep 22, 2010
6:21 pm
#14 Bob wrote:

LIMIT YOUR “FRIENDS” !!!!!!! haha ridiculous!!! u cant tell me you are “friends” with all these people why have them in facebook if you do not even know them personally / never have contact with them???

I think like 100 should do and with that you can know more or less who is who.

Sep 23, 2010
1:39 am
#15 yrj wrote:

me too having the same problem..! this is totally insane and worst idea for a social networking site..! ppl ll make new friends and they might not know them personally to identify on a photo..! this verification method might be useful for some other area but sure not for social networking site…! the one who designed has some brain but not good enough to even think is this a good security system for this..! stupidity..!

Sep 23, 2010
12:32 pm
#16 Wolfstad wrote:

@Bob: It has nothing to do with limiting your friends. A lot of people get tagged when they’re not even on the picture. When I got the photo verification there were a couple of Farmville screenshots. Even if you have just 20 friends how could you know whose Farmville pictures they are?

Sep 23, 2010
5:04 pm
#17 James Bigglesworth wrote:

Yup, here too on our anti-fraud account at FB. Help system is useless, no public email addresses to write to. postmaster@ is a black-hole, abuse@ gets a message back saying it’s no longer available *use the help on the website* and the one in the website WHOIS domains@ gets you a message basically telling you to eff-off.

Considering that FB accounts are designed for mobile postings, users on the go, you would expect the system to be tolerant of different IP addresses. One of my co-admins logged in to our FB account, and now we have the same issue here, image verification is useless to us as we have hundreds of ‘friends’ we don’t know.

If we do get back in, we guarantee the account will be deleted. We are not going to waste our time on a flawed system that is supposed to be the leader in the field. Frankly, this rubbish makes them look like a beginner, and Popov (poopoff) should be sacked.

Anyone out there got any email addresses I can write to?

Sep 26, 2010
5:04 am
#18 Dante wrote:

OMG this is so shit. Seriously, i have lots of friends that take photos of babies, random crap and tag them for fun!

4 out of 7 pictures came with random cars, pets and holiday places my friends went to. Seriously facebook….this is shit!

What happened to email has been sent with password reset. I mean geez

Sep 27, 2010
7:59 am
#19 Peter S. wrote:

Got the same issue, locked out because I dared to use FB from an other comp than my laptop. Popov could never heard about mobility, web2.0, social networking, or account protection solutions (like sending an email to the user, with a link to prove the user is the owner of the account), and the photo verification could be a good solution:
simply show 7 photos, and only two of them would be the actual user’s – everybody should know their own photos right?

But gathering photos from others and force users to identify the people tagged on them is an insane ridiculous mindfucking nonsense!

Anyway, the bug reporting gave me an email address, maybe it would work:

Sep 28, 2010
12:26 pm
#20 shibani gharai wrote:

cant see the photo for verification…………………………..i cant verify white page without photo and give it my frns name. plz correct the error

Sep 29, 2010
6:01 pm
#21 Brad Erlandson wrote:

Does anyone know how to fix this? Is there another verification method?

Sep 29, 2010
11:20 pm
#22 glennda wrote:

same problem as everyone else. logged in from my cousin’s house last weekend and haven’t been able to get in since. the photo ID thing is impossible for all of the aforementioned reasons. ask me a question about me and I might be able to answer it. please, please help. I am old, and disabled and going through a stressful time. facebook IS USUALLY able to help me relax and now it just makes me more stressed. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP

Sep 30, 2010
4:15 am
#23 Tunde Fafunwa wrote:

Same problem as everyone else. Clicking the link “Or use a different verification method” produces the message “No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later.” Of course no matter how many time I come back over multiple days the same series of messages are displayed!

Sep 30, 2010
7:03 pm
#24 Lou wrote:

Ditto!!! all i can think of as a solution for this is try to log in to your friends account or family account and then go to your account and click on your friends list and look at their pictures individually , one by one and remember it!..i know it will take forever but its well worth it just to access ones account again!!huhuhuhuh!!..facebook should change their verification method or else they will loose alot of users this way!!! and im one of them!!!huhuh my poor account!!!:d

Oct 3, 2010
8:48 am
#25 dora wrote:

pls i cant log in to facebook, pls am disturbed a lot

Oct 6, 2010
1:41 pm
#26 satoshi wrote:

This is B*llsh*t facebook! I am locked out of my account because I got a new laptop and tried to sign in from a wireless hot spot. I am at home and it still doesn’t recognize my computer. Lame, lame lame! Now, I am going to have to create a new account. Can’t have two account, then reactivate my old one you mother f*ckers!

Oct 9, 2010
9:01 am
#27 wong jakarte wrote:

I wonder whether they thought it over before deciding this ridiculous method for verification. Seems that the facebook engineers have loosened several of his screws in the head when designing this verification method…

Oct 9, 2010
9:48 am
#28 Samiuddin wrote:

My FB account was compromised by a hottt girl…..pls friends…i swear to God…this girl is Sana Afghan………..PLS if u believe me u abuse this girl….coz shez a bloody bitch…criminal minded….i hate her.:(;t

Oct 10, 2010
6:11 am
#29 Abhishek wrote:

These mother ****ers got screwed. I have almost 1100 friends in my account and during rollback sometimes it’s showing animal’s pic sometimes plant’s/trees like this crapy thing. How the **** i can verify who’s tagged with animals, trees, toys etc.

These mother-****ers facebook screwed my year’s long facebook account.

Oct 21, 2010
8:19 pm
#30 Rebaz Ali wrote:

I want open my Facebook it does not work asked me some Q. after that saed The following methods can only be tried once per hour. They will be available to try again soon. how con i solve this problem.

Nov 3, 2010
5:45 am
#31 victor gonzales wrote:

thank you everybody in all 4-states

Dec 28, 2010
5:44 pm
#32 basba wrote:

I received an email today after being locked out of my facebook acount for several months with demands for my mobile number or a government issued photo (huh??)! The email is quite lengthy and states that facebook is for the use of authentic people with real identities and that their friends/contacts must also be genuine. I have only a handful of friends who are all family members and this is how I keep in contact with them. Pretty sure they are all authentic! The min issue outlined in the email is the use of facebook for gaming and creating multiple accounts for playing games. I do not have multiple accounts.Yes, I played one game regularly via facebook but if it’s a problem for them why is it even on their site?? To be honest, the email makes no sense to me at all. If anyone wants to see it, I am hppy to forward.

Dec 28, 2010
7:04 pm
#33 Wolfstad wrote:

@basba: Are you sure that the email you received from Facebook is not a fake spam email that is attempting to steal your information? Don’t click on any links that don’t go to and don’t fill in your details unless in the address bar it says or

Dec 31, 2010
1:32 am
#34 harris wrote:

I had this same issue just now! **** YOU, FACEBOOK. **** YOU! Initially I thought this is some new verification method just launched and as soon as they notice the issue they would change it. But the above comments show that this has been there atleast since May 2010, i.e., more than six months!!! and still they have not sorted it out!!!!!. How Useless of you, Facebook!!!!

Jan 4, 2011
10:48 am
#35 Robert wrote:

Since the problem seems to be the online gaming friends contact the game company. I add a lot of people because the games are based on winning through teaming up with other people. I don’t browse these people’s photos or blogs since my mafia friends are about playing a game not commenting on each other’s children, or pets, or whatever. Since they seem to be one of the ways for facebook to make money complain to them and maybe we can get a fix.

Feb 23, 2011
4:23 am
#36 a.r.asif wrote:

My face book is very good and link of friends all over the world.

Mar 13, 2011
10:32 am
#37 Anna Minelli wrote:


Apr 4, 2011
4:40 am
#38 facebook wtf wrote:

piece of crap worthless facebook. I will never ever purchase Zynga cash because of this crap. How they hell am I supposed to identify pictures of hello kitty and jelly beans? I never even talk to my farmville friends let alone look at their pictures….. what a piece of crap, time to go purchase a real game and delete facebook. their support is total crap, they are making a shit ton of money off of apps like farmville and advertisements and can’t even bother to support the “little people” that make it all possible. Worthless program, facebook should burn in hell……

Apr 17, 2011
6:46 am
#39 Facebook needs to read this wrote:

this is more than just inconvenient, it is causing people to get arrested, tortured, and even murdered. this is no joke, I use facebook for political activism in the Middle East and everything here (Syria) is censored so we have to use proxy breaking software which routes your connection differently every time to hide your trace. Facebook is seriously harming people and putting thousands at risk if they can’t access it except through direct connect which would make their identity known to the authorities.

Apr 26, 2011
6:03 pm
#40 phu nguyen wrote:

help me

Apr 28, 2011
11:59 am
#41 Casper wrote:

I have two accounts, one for friends and networking ( <–means to meet new people) and one for just family. Obviously, I don't want my Grandma seeing what some people may post. So . . . now I'm locked out of my own account, because I don't remember peoples face (especially when it's a younger photo of them, or their cat). This is the worst security ever made. It's Facebook not a bank account, who cares if someone signs on your account and reads your wall! If they are not changing any thing like passwords–so you can't get sign in–then I would rather have that then Facebook's new security photo guessing game. I mean really? Well, I guess my family and I are going back to Myspace, we would rather deal with 13 year old kids than a security feature a 10 year old would have came up with! Oh yeah, and for my last words: F*** Facebook Captcha!

May 6, 2011
6:47 pm
#42 francisco wrote:

My facebook Got locked And i Need Help To get inside facebook Again So Can You Guys Help Meh Out ?

May 9, 2011
4:42 pm
#43 Shea wrote:

Great! This happened to me too. I tried to log in from another computer and now I’m stuck. I have no idea what cartoon or animal image belongs to any one of my friends.

Stupid Facebook!

May 24, 2011
12:08 pm
#44 honeybee wrote:

this is not ridiculous method is really idiotic, there are really no other words for it; just proves onve more (if anyone needed that extra-proof!) that the ones running facebook have NO CLUE wahtsoever about what the h* they are doing or want to do with that plattform ….

May 30, 2011
7:12 am
#45 lokesh wrote:

I have over 260 friends… 260 of them are all for Car madness… I have no idea who the hell these people are…

Now I can’t get in to my account. They stole my information and now I have no way to close my account because the dumb ass verification methods wont let me in to edit anything and there is no way to contact them.

Jun 1, 2011
4:25 am
#46 tawitiwi gethsemane wrote:

facebook sucks!!!!!!!! facebook is crazy….

Jun 10, 2011
1:54 am
#47 Facebook NEEDS to fix this!! wrote:

I got the same sh*ty problem and they only give me ONE verification method which I tried to answer but the security question wont let me!!! What stupid idiot tried to log in my account and y doesnt facebook give a better V method!!! I GOT FRIEND REQUESTS WAITING AND I CANT EVEN ANSWER THEM!!!
Facebook better read these comments and make a waaay better system I know these friends and Im FURIOUS!!! Facebook PLEEEAASE CHANGE BETTER!!!

Jun 10, 2011
2:00 am
#48 Facebook NEEDS to fix this!! wrote:

Tried to contact them but NOOO!!! It takes tooo long and I cant wait any longer!! ( but ill try AGAIN ).!

Jun 10, 2011
8:54 pm
#49 jeremy wrote:

f u facebook photo verification is mental. worth billions of dollars and there is no help. get stuffed facebook

Jun 12, 2011
8:05 am
#50 poojasharma wrote:

my is lock i id

Jun 13, 2011
1:05 pm
#51 Steve wrote:

I just left my last job where I managed our company facebook account for work. I never log in from home. Now I log in from home for the first time and it asks these ridiculous security questions because – oh my goodness – I’m logging in from a different computer. It asked me where my mother was born. You’d think I would know.

Anyway, apparently I didn’t answer correctly so I’m locked out of my own account. Anyone know how long before I can try again? Do I have to try to log in from a different computer? I don’t have access to the last computer any longer. I guess with 500 Million users you don’t need to offer customer service.

I hated facebook before, now I will be vocal with my distain. Btw – Linkedin offers live customer service for their paid users. Way to go Linkedin! But then again, they only have about 100 Million users.

Jun 13, 2011
1:07 pm
#52 fff wrote:

This happened to me also, now in June 2011. I was not even able to recognize friends I know well because some of the pictures were so bad, or were just a Christmas card that someone had made a tag for them on it. This is an insane way to make ID check. I also have lots of friends I have only seen once, and who are members of the same international organisation. We use facebook to network across the world. Seems like Facebook is not meant for that.

Dec 8, 2011
6:13 pm
#53 James wrote:

I was just blocked out of my account. I didnt even know who someone was because it showed pictures of their children who were tagged as them. I’m really annoyed. When can I try again to log it?

Dec 22, 2011
10:28 pm
#54 John wrote:

Well after reading all of this I am glad that I am not the only one. I have been blocked for about 2 weeks with no signs of a solution..How annoying especially having to add all my friends again and loosing my lvls in the Game apps. Glad I didn’t spend any money on them…but a bit of time…Really Bites!!!!

Jan 12, 2012
12:45 am
#55 philip wrote:

i had the same problem… you just have to keep on trying and then youll be able to open your accounyt 🙂

Jan 13, 2012
12:39 am
#56 ranjeet kusam wrote:

I was just blocked out of my account. I didnt even know who someone was because it showed pictures of their children who were tagged as them. I’m really annoyed. When can I try again to log it

Jan 13, 2012
10:03 pm
#57 ranjeet kusam wrote:

i had the same problem… you just have to keep on trying and then youll be able to open your accounyt

Feb 1, 2012
2:30 am
#58 luxy wrote:

i have the same issue. have tried several times by guess 1 by 1 silly picture but didnt make it out. please HELPPPPPPPPPPP

Mar 23, 2012
9:25 am
#59 Kashan wrote:

I have SAme Issue,, Kindly some One help me,, I Wnt my Account back.. Tell Me Any Method!!

Mar 25, 2012
12:06 pm

This is dumb. I got locked out too. I use a social network manager and am on the go all the time so use my phone and laptop on open wifi. The people I have as friends are colleagues so I don’t know their pictures..some I do because they are nice enough to put in a business card image in their profile. I was fortunate enough to get pictures all correct once but then was presented with a message “No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later.” There is no help from fb either.

Mar 31, 2012
8:11 am
#61 Kristine wrote:

I have correctly identified the people in my pictures, as it was all family. It still won’t let me log back in.

Apr 14, 2012
12:59 am
#62 Munaza Khan wrote:

i. im unable to log into my fb account as it saya “No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later.” its been already 4 days .but it dint turn up still..can u please help me solving this issue.. i need back my fb.. 🙂

Apr 19, 2012
5:45 pm
#63 Anna wrote:

This happened to me too, I have been on Facebook for 6 months or so and my account IS verified by my email and phone number. I can not understand why it has security issues now when I have used it everyday since signing up. If by some miracle there’s a way to access my account again I’ll be closing it and never going to the site again. Their help service is pathetic really, do they not care about their users? They make enough money to fix such a simple problem, or at least to hire someone to come up with a better security system! F**k you Facebook..

Apr 23, 2012
12:36 am
#64 Titania wrote:

No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later.this is wat always shows when i am trying to login to my account. i was also asked to verify my account by identifying some photos.but how can i identify them when most of the photos that shows up are animes(many friends of mine loves anime)???its really infuriating!it made me think “of all of my friends in facebook why should it be me?even in my account i dont spam or something like that!theres a lot of spammers and viotlators out there so why should it be my account!i cant lose that account!its to special to me!how can i fix this?please somebody tell me!

May 24, 2012
6:39 am
#65 Manuel wrote:

I have the same issue too, i have over 1000 friends and when fb took me through this verification method it displayed mostly images of anything but people, flowers, scenes etc and sometimes three pictures of nothing!! How the $%#@ am I supposed to have the correct answer. I am absolutely shocked at the stupidity of FB and their engineers with this ridiculous idea. It is this type of arrogance that we are continuing to experience with FB, wasting peoples time with hair brained ideas. I am ready to dump FB, sick and tired, what a joke. Thanks for the advice here though.

I am locked out now after three attempts to login and I am severely pissed off

Jun 1, 2012
1:51 pm
#66 Mohamed Nady wrote:

very bad problem on FBk
you can get

Jul 1, 2012
6:37 am
#67 sahid wrote:

बहेनकी चुत FACEBOOK वहोत गन्दी चिज है । इसमे लगीन मत करो । इसने मेरेको हमेसा ऐ वाला मेसेज देकर No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later. मेरा ACCOUNT BLOCK कर दिया है । इसकी म की वुर चोदु ।

Jul 10, 2012
7:50 am
#68 monalisa maharana wrote:

I have over 1200 friends… 1200 of them are all for Car madness… I have no idea who the hell these people are…

Now I can’t get in to my account. They stole my information and now I have no way to close my account because the dumb ass verification methods wont let me in to edit anything and there is no way to contact them.

Jul 21, 2012
11:32 pm
#69 taker wrote:

my facebook account is locked help me..!!!

Jul 21, 2012
11:33 pm
#70 taker wrote:

Facebook is suckzzzzz

Aug 2, 2012
11:41 am
#71 Aziz wrote:

What kind of verification method is this!!!
And how am I gonna know which one belongs to my friends!!
If the photo is about someone’s cat’s ass. :-/!!!

This is totally a waste of time, money & friends. X-(

Help needed here. 🙁

Sep 12, 2012
6:49 am
#72 leo wrote:

same problem here ..
stuck for about a week
need help please !!

Sep 27, 2012
10:34 am
#73 ester wrote:

I also can’t long in to my FB account. I have more then 2000 friend. I am not looking to all their almost everyday and i am not 24/7 online on FB to know every photo. They show me photo’s of cows, chickens, flowers ect….how do i know who’s pic that is? I mean if they show peopel their face then it would be much easy but showing cows and chickens is really madness! What’s wrong with these people to come with such a mad idea? I am going to find some other socials network because i really have enough of this evil FB! Hope that they will see their mistakes!

Nov 30, 2012
5:25 am
#74 Uzma Khan wrote:

Hey… The Facebook team or simply call a bullshit team. I am a new user to FB so started adding friends. Few I know and others don’t. My account got locked and secondly asking for photo verification. You bunch of baboons. How could a person know who’s tagged in these pics?? This is not Facebook it is s Shitbook. And you all fb team are shitters..

Dec 7, 2012
12:12 am
#75 vikash wrote:

i am fine

Jan 6, 2013
10:17 am
#76 pc repqairs wrote:

yeah i agree facebook needs to be redesigned maybe i’ll start yourfbook. tagged random shite then verification ffs zuckerberg zucks

Jan 25, 2013
6:09 am
#77 dolly baruah wrote:

same problem here.plz help get logging in

Mar 9, 2013
3:24 am
#78 umer wrote:

sir i cannot understand the photos tagged by peoples please help me how i can pass this security check

Mar 9, 2013
6:11 am
#79 umer wrote:

sir please solve my problem , reply me soon .

Mar 13, 2013
2:52 pm
#80 Suryakant wrote:

Who the fuck had made this photo verication method……

Just need the ans. If he/she is able to identify his/her freinds if they are shown as ****…

I was not so frequent to access my fb account….so why the shit they expect to remember the photos of my freinds in which they are tagged…

God I need my fb account BACK..

Otherwise fuck off uh bloody fb team

Mar 15, 2013
4:26 am
#81 Jon wrote:

facebook wouldn’t last long with all these security check!!! Fucking hate it!! I had around 4,900 friends on my first account and my new Account I made recently is roadblocked again because of this stupid photo verification! It showed me pictures of animals, love quotes and some stupid tagged pictures!!! I hope some hacker send a virus in the main control room and remove facebook out of the world!!

Mar 15, 2013
4:30 am
#82 Jon wrote:

and Mr. Arthur, plz send all the comments to the facebook official website.
thank you

Mar 25, 2013
4:47 am
#83 kashem wrote:

sir i cannot understand the photos tagged by peoples please help me how i can pass this security check.please please please please reply me as soon as possible.

Mar 25, 2013
11:29 am
#84 Hanif Himu wrote:

please easy method of photo varification link sent my email as soon as possible ….please

Apr 12, 2013
11:22 am
#85 jogi wrote:

Oh boy facebook has gone unreal!…..I am being presented with pictures that were uploaded by the account holder for an audience and not the account holders profile photo! Two pictures they present one was an animal and I know none of my facebook friend uses that……………….where did you get that from Mr facebook ?

I am still trying to get back into my account! On the last try I was told I took too long to id the photos! ?

Oh and the email registrered with the account is my own domain, is that not the best varification ?

I can not help feeling some one at the facebook is not right in their head! And I can not be blamed for the last statement!


May 2, 2013
10:31 am
#86 Aloe wrote:

I usually do not create many responses, however i did some searching and wound up here Facebook

Jun 9, 2013
9:03 am
#87 VILAS wrote:

sir i cannot understand the photos tagged by peoples please help me how i can pass this security check.please please please please reply me as soon as possible.

Jun 24, 2013
6:22 pm
#88 Calm and frustrated. wrote:

Hello, I’ve been a member of Facebook for less then 24 hours. My account logged me out while I was using it and it’s forcing me to do this dumb photo vertification. Thing is, I’m a South Park roleplayer account owner, and it’s hard to do this when most of the names are exactly the same. What ever happened to the damn phone vertification hmm? Cause it’s definitly better then this bullshit. Someone needs to report this to the Facebook owners so they get us back our accounts, or at least show them this website and see all the complaints.

Nov 25, 2013
8:20 am
#89 Aniket Prajapati wrote:

i dont know who has tagged that photos so how can i give that answers?

Nov 30, 2013
8:57 am
#90 monu dakhla wrote:

plz verify my fb account

Sep 24, 2014
12:30 pm
#91 lady majesty wrote:

For some reason I cant log in my facebook account they kept asking you to identify random photo and goverment id I hate them????????????????????

Apr 14, 2015
8:54 am
#92 jobaer wrote:

why photo verification…..??? what’s the salutation..????

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