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Boxes shipped [2]

Posted on Thursday, September 11th, 2008 at 12:09 am CET

After sending off our boxes yesterday we heard back from Worldwide Baggage Services today about the costs and schedule. The costs are pretty close to what we had already calculated on their website, which is great. This is the only company that we could find where you could just fill in details about your shipment and destination online and instantly get a quote. Good stuff. Our things will be transported on the ship on the photo below (this actual ship!). It will leave in about two weeks and then arrive in Chicago two weeks later:

Today we took a day off from packing and spent the day in Amsterdam! We visited the Rijksmuseum and saw Forbidden Kingdom (starring Jet Li and Jackie Chan) at the cinema.

Getting train tickets in Leiden
Arthur getting train tickets in Leiden

10:30 train to Amsterdam
10:30 train to Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum, Holland’s National Art and History Museum, is housed in a very large building that is currently being renovated and work is expected to last until 2013! Until that time a small collection of masterpieces can be visited in the Philips Wing. It was a shockingly small exhibit but very much worth the visit.

Amy at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
Amy at the Rijksmuseum



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