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Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 6:09 pm CET

Just a few more weeks and Disney Pixar’s highly anticipated movie WALL·E comes out on 27 June in the US. I just know it is going to be huge! I am really looking forward to seeing this one, but here in the Netherlands we have to wait until 30 July. Over the last months Pixar has been releasing short clips of WALL·E and commercials for the fictitious company Buy n Large ( that makes the robots in the futuristic world of WALL·E. People who have seen sneak previews of the film are saying it is one of Pixar’s best. The trailers and photos that have been released look amazing. Check out this most recent commercial for Buy n Large featuring their different robots:

See more WALL·E videos at Disney Potato. Here are two nice pics:

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