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Foto Friday: Redpoll on the Birdcam

Posted on February 6th 2009 by Arthur in Birds, Foto Friday, Illinois

Today our Wingscapes Birdcam captured a Common Redpoll snacking on nyger seed among the usual American Goldfinches. This is the 15th bird to be snapped by the birdcam. These birds are usually sparse in Northern Illinois but this area is seeing a finch invasion this winter. How cool is that?

Common Redpoll


Just how bad is the peanut butter recall?

Posted on February 4th 2009 by Amy in Food, Life in America, Shopping & Stuff

So bad that the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) website has made an embeddable search widget. You can search for which peanut butter products are included in the salmonella outbreak. OMG, really?

FDA Salmonella Typhimurium Outbreak 2009. Flash Player 9 is required.

Yep, really.

Kevin Costner Brings Minor League Baseball to Lake County Illinois

Posted on February 3rd 2009 by Arthur in Illinois

Kevin Costner playing baseballThis just in: Academy Award winner Kevin Costner, who played in baseball movies Field of Dreams and Bull Durham, is part of a baseball team ownership group that has selected Zion IL, right here in Lake County, as the site for a new Northern League baseball team!

The minor league team, which is still to be named, will begin playing in May 2010. Construction on a new stadium will start this summer. The new team will play in the Northern League. There will be an upcoming Name the Team Contest, where fans will be involved in submitting name entries, with lucky winners chosen among the entries.

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Bing! Six More Weeks of Winter

Posted on February 2nd 2009 by Arthur in Illinois, Weather

Woodstock Willie, Chicagoland’s most famous weather prognosticator, saw his shadow today in Woodstock and predicted six more weeks of winter. 🙁 The ceremony on Woodstock Square took place this morning shortly after 7am, after several days of events including a tour of the filming sites. Willie emerged from his tree stump (after we saw his handler put him in 15 minutes earlier, and the groundhog almost escaped!) and gave the bad news to Woodstock Mayor ­Brian Sager.

Mayor Brian Sager finds out if Willie saw his shadow

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Groundhog Days in Woodstock Part 2

Posted on February 1st 2009 by Arthur in Illinois, Movies

(continued from part 1) So we were waiting outside the Opera House for the tour of the filming sites in Woodstock and at 1:25pm we were still the only ones there. A police officer of the WPD confirmed that we were in the right place for the tour, but where was everybody? Then all of a sudden people poured out of the Opera House, where they had been for a Chili Cookoff, as they do in Punxutawney. There were about 50 people in the tour, which was led by Bob Hutchins, the location manager of Groundhog Day. He gave us a great insight in the filming of the movie and all the different filming locations in Woodstock. First off he explained how they chose the town of Woodstock.

Woodstock 055 (31-Jan)

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Groundhog Days in Woodstock Part 1

Posted on February 1st 2009 by Arthur in Illinois, Movies

Today we went to Woodstock for Groundhog Days. Since the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray was filmed in Woodstock, the town has been celebrating the days leading up to the February 2nd holiday with events inspired by the movie. We participated in an awesome walking tour of the filming sites with Bob Hutchins, who was location manager for the movie, and at 10:00 this morning we saw a free show of the movie Groundhog Day at Woodstock Theater.

Woodstock 027 (31-Jan)

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