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Beware pirates!

Posted on Monday, November 28th, 2005 at 8:14 pm CET

It’s well over two months after Talk Like A Pirate Day, but pirates are a hot topic at the moment. While Disney has been working all week to keep spoilers of their two Pirate sequels off the web, the set of Pirates of the Carribean (see the brand-new Dead Man’s Chest trailer!) has been visited by real pirates. The production has come to a halt after four robberies in which $20,000 worth of cash and equipment were taken from the set, and two cast members were “forced to flee for their lives”.

Earlier this month a cruise ship off the coast of Somalia was attacked by pirates, but managed to beat back by using an on-board loud acoustic bang to deter the gunmen. The pirates themselves weren’t very hi-tech though, judging from these photos of their ‘ship’.

A lot of talk in the news also about a whole different type of pirates; over the weekend Canadian Police have confiscated as many as 200,000 pirated DVDs in a series of raids on stores in Toronto. Meanwhile, the Motion Picture Association of America has last week made an agreement with the creator of BitTorrent software, which is popular for downloading pirated movies over the Internet. Hollywood hopes that this agreement will reduce illegal online trafficking of pirated films.

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