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Computers monitor bus drivers for sleepiness

Posted on Saturday, January 28th, 2006 at 9:44 pm CET

This week a Dutch bus touring company in Noordwijk confirmed that it is testing an automated system that observes drivers with small cameras and sensitive sensors for signs that may indicate that the driver is nodding off. The new system is intended to reduce the number of accidents caused by bus drivers falling asleep.

The bus company, Beuk Touringcars, is working together with the National Aerospace Laboratory. The sensors and cameras are used to monitor the driver for signs that the driver is too tired to drive; faster blinking, for instance, will set off the alarm.

The commercial director of the bus company said, “You can think of light signals, sounds, vibrations in the driver’s chair or slowing reducing the gas,” referring to possible reactions the system may inflict in case the sensors recognize signs of sleepiness.

Dutch and European regulation in the last decades have already reduced the number of accidents with buses, but especially on the long nightly services to southern Europe there is a higher risk. The new system would reduce those risks even more.

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