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Dutch cars will get emission stickers

Posted on Friday, February 24th, 2006 at 12:16 am CET

Dutch cars will get a sticker that says how much they pollute. Towns will be able to use this information to change their parking policies; dirtier cars will pay more.

It is still uncertain if the label will be printed on license plates, or if it will be a mandatory sticker on the windshield. “As long as it is clearly visible,” Parliamentary Under-Secretary of Environment Pieter van Geel stated in the Volkskrant on Thursday. His party is still working on the definition of the different ‘pollution categories’.

On Wednesday a plan was accepted by the German government to ban dirty diesel cars from polluted zones in cities. Many of the 46 million German cars and 4 million trucks will get a sticker with a number that will indicate how much pollution it creates. Although the sticker is not mandatory, people who refuse to buy one will not be allowed to drive into certain ‘risk areas’.

Source: ‘Milieusticker voor ander parkeerbeleid’

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