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Photos: the lighter side of Rajasthan

Posted on Saturday, May 20th, 2006 at 5:31 pm CET

On our trip to Rajasthan in India last March, we took over 2,400 photos. Here are some of our favorite funny pictures.

Sacred cows…

With the sacred status of cows in India, it’s no surprise the animals are found everywhere: sleeping; eating; taking a stroll. Here are some we saw on our journey: a wide-body cow takes a stroll in old Jaipur; a cow munches on some food left for it in Bikaner; Arthur passes a cow still sporting Holi colors in Bikaner; water buffalo block Amy’s way to the toilet in a village by Jodhpur.

Cow walking a street in Jaipur Cow munching on a street in Bikaner
Cow on a street in Bikaner Cows block the toilet near Jodhpur

… and other animals

We saw lots of different animals on our journey, which included visits to two preserved sancturies. Top left to bottom right: a pigeon roosting in a chandelier in Jaipur’s fort; three dogs catching a nap in a rickshaw in Bikaner; a monkey being tended to by companions in Jaipur; a female sambar deer showing her contempt for tourists.

Pigeon in a chandelier in Jaipur Dogs in a rickshaw in Bikaner
Relaxing monkey in Jaipur Deer sticks her tongue out

Bathroom humor

Top left to bottom right: The ladies urinal in Keoladeo National Park; a hybrid Indian-style (with footpads) and western-style (with seat) toilet, in our hotel in Jaipur; toilets at the Jantar Mantar observatory in Jaipur marked “SHE” and “HE”; our first experience with a bathroom in India, in our hotel in Delhi.

Ladies urinal Hybrid Indian/Western toilet
He-She toilets in Jantar Mantar, Jaipur Hotel bathroom in Delhi

Adventures in architecture

Top left to bottom right: A typical light switch grouping, in Jaipur’s fort; more extraneous light switches – in our hotel room in Delhi (a real winner, that); we were surprised to find Delft Blue tiles in Bikaner’s fort; scaffolding, Jodhpur-style.

Lots of light switches Filthy light switches
Delft Blue tiles in Bikaner Fort Scaffolding, Jodhpur-style

Great signs

Only pizzas can smoke
No Smoking at the Pizza Hut in Jaipur

Top left to bottom right: Sacred basilicum in Bikaner Fort; in Jodhpur’s fort, only audio-guide users could have a rest; “Nature Walk” claims top attraction in Agra!?!?; “Leave your shoes here, it’s free!”; you might have to have been there to get this one…; “We don’t want you to stink up the place” (Taj Mahal).

Do not sniff the bascilicum Lounge for audio-guide users only
Top attraction of Agra Leave shoes here, it's free!
Pride of India No no shoes here!

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