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Weird stories on CNN International teletext

Posted on Friday, June 23rd, 2006 at 3:13 am CET

The news headlines on page 101 of CNN International teletext here in the Netherlands sometimes don’t make any sense. It seems that they are just grabbed from and stop whenever the space on the page runs out. Have a look at this strange and unclear story that was one of their leading teletext stories this week.

CNN teletext

The mysterious story ends with “You’ve been forced to flee, probably seperated from your family and end up on the run with a bunch of people you’ve never met, but with whom you …”

And that’s all. There is no second page or anything. How can CNN just put this on their headlines on teletext? Can they not at least put a final line on that says something like “Continue reading on” or something like that?


Feb 10, 2008
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