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Amy’s Best and Worst of 2006

Posted on Sunday, December 31st, 2006 at 9:26 pm CET

Just in time, here’s my Best & Worst of 2006.

Best movie: Malamaal Weekly
We saw this at the Raj Mandir cinema in Jaipur back in March. It was a great experience, sitting inside the richly decorated cinema with a crowd of enthusiastic locals and watching the broad comedy of this Hindi film.
Runner-up: Casino Royale.

Worst movie: Too many to mention!
I miss Roger. Please come back soon.

Best change to my weekly routine: Fridays off!
In April I started working part-time. Yippee! Arthur is also off every Friday and we enjoy our long weekends very much.

Worst change to my weekly routine: New train & bus schedules
At the beginning of December, the NS and Connexxion adjusted their routes and schedules. The bus I normally took to the office no longer runs at all. And the trains, which used to run every 15 minutes, now run a bit more irregularly. So far I have been very unlucky, just missing a few trains by only a minute or so. I hope I can get the hang of the new train schedule soon. I’ll be bringing a bike to Rotterdam to make the journey to the office in Capelle; hopefully that will also improve the situation.

Best new TV show: Heroes
Are you on the list?

Worst new TV show: The Nine
This show had a lot of potential, but turned too soapy too fast, and we lost interest just about the time ABC did.

Best brick & mortar store: IKEA
What can I say? We love the IKEA. Our closest store is the one in Delft, which was recently transformed into a Concept Center that will provide training and development for IKEA employees globally.
Runner-up: Albert Heijn grocery stores. Their store brand foods keep getting better and tastier.

Worst brick & mortar store: Free Record Shop
FRS is one of the biggest DVD/CD chains in the Netherlands. But we’ll never shop there again, because of the way a shopgirl treated us when we went to return a faulty DVD earlier this year. She treated us like children who did not know how to handle DVDs. FRS opens every CD and DVD case and keeps the discs behind the counter. When you pick out a DVD to buy, you bring up the empty case to the register and the cashier has to go and retrieve the disc. Before you even bring your ‘new’ DVD home, it has already been touched by at least two different people. It wasn’t a big surprise to us when a DVD we bought there started skipping, but when we tried to return it we were treated as if it was our fault.

Best animal encounter: wild tigers in Ranthambhore, India
This will be hard to beat, I’m sure.

Worst animal encounter: scuba diving with Rainbow Reef

Best online store: CafePress
When I started working part time in April, I began to expand our offerings on CafePress. I had a lot of design ideas for shirts, buttons and other products, so I got busy. In July we opened servopuff’s stuff, our first premium store. Since then Arthur has created a few more shops and created dozens of really great designs. It’s a great hobby!

Worst online store:
They strung us along for almost a month after we ordered a book for an upcoming holiday. After questioning them a few times, they cancelled our order without even an apology. Bozos.


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