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New in Vista: Cancel or Allow

Posted on Tuesday, February 6th, 2007 at 3:20 pm CET

I’ve been using Windows Vista since Friday, and I’ve been very pleased with it. It looks beautiful, it’s fast and it’s been very stable (knock, knock), but the new User Account Control security measures are ridiculous. What UAC does is ask you if it is okay to do something, basically every time you want to open a window or perform an action. This means that you get bombarded with pop-up windows that ask you if you want to Cancel or Allow the action, even for things that you just clicked on yourself. What’s especially annoying is that the pop-up window disables your entire desktop and has a black background, so your screen is constantly flashing to black. I switched the feature off after one day of frustration, but now Windows keeps telling me that my system is not secure, which I suppose it isn’t anymore.

With the disabling and fading to black of the desktop, Microsoft has made the Cancel or Allow pop-ups so annoying that I suspect most people will turn this feature off. Windows Vista is supposed to be much more secure than XP, but with the security turned off it is back to the poor security of XP. The worst thing is that if Microsoft decides to make the pop-ups less annoying in a future service pack, then it will be too late as most people will have already turned it off.

This new PC vs. Mac commercial is hilarious and spot on:


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