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Low-cost airline Vueling

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2007 at 12:30 pm CET

At the end of May 2007 we flew to Andalusia for a 10-day holiday. We stayed outside of Beas, a village about 50 minutes west of Sevilla. We flew to Malaga on Thursday 17 May with Vueling, Spain’s new low-cost airline. Vueling claims to be Europe’s ‘next generation’ budget airline, and though we are not sure what that means, our flight was quite pleasant and we would surely fly with Vueling again in the future.

Things did not start smoothly as there was a mix-up with our seats we discovered upon boarding. Two women were already sitting in our seats and when we all checked our boarding passes we discovered that one of the seats was double-booked. This was very odd since the flight was only about half full. When boarding was complete we could move to another aisle. The flight attendant was not very helpful during this mix-up so our first impression of the airline was not favorable.

This incident was quickly forgotten as seconds prior to take-off the captain come over the intercom and said ‘Here we go!’ which we found very amusing.

Like most budget airlines, meals are not normally served free of charge. However we were treated with a free sample of gazpacho, compliments of the manufacturer. Available for an extra charge were sandwiches, chips, drinks and candy. Prices were reasonable, with cans of soft drinks costing €1.50.

The flight did offer entertainment, with a multi-channel audio program and video screens evenly spaced through the cabins showed episodes of Friends and The Simpsons.

It was the first Vueling flight from Amsterdam to Malaga and so upon landing the brand-new Airbus was honored with an inaugural dousing from the airport’s fire truck. Deplaning went quite smoothly as well and we hopped on the airport bus to start our vacation in Spain.


Sep 18, 2007
6:29 pm
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Sep 19, 2007
9:45 am
#2 laurent wrote:

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