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Boeing 707 cockpit sunk for Dutch divers

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2007 at 2:30 pm CET

Last Sunday the cockpit of an Air France Boeing 707 was sunk in De Beldert lake in Zoelen, the Netherlands. The sinking took place over a year later than originally planned. By the end of the day nearly 20 divers had already visited the new wreck.

The initiative was headed by the Tielse Onderwatersport Vereniging (Underwater Sport Society) Gagnan under the guidance of group member Rob Herkströter.

The cockpit lays on the sandy bottom of the Beldert and it is hoped that, like other intentionally sunk wrecks, the structure will provide habitat for underwater life. The cockpit and the expected residents will provide an interesting environment for Dutch divers.

The plane, which also flew for Air Afrique, was built in 1966 and flew for the last time in 1993. On it’s final landing at Schiphol airport the landing gear failed.

The cockpit is four-and-a-half meters high and weighs approximately 3.5 tons. Much work to strip the structure was done by volunteers from Gagnan. It lays at approximately ten meters deep.

Source: Cockpit landt eindelijk in De Beldert

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