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Hurrah! Six new tigers at Ranthambore

Posted on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 at 3:54 pm CET

Here’s some good news: six new tiger cubs were sighted at India’s national wildlife sanctuary Ranthambore this year. This brings the total number of tigers in the park to 38! 😀

In March 2006 we were fortunate enough to see tigers at Ranthambore on our vacation in Rajasthan. That was such an exciting moment; the park is beautiful and even without seeing tigers we would have had a great visit, but all of a sudden an adult tiger crossed the road just in front of our jeep:

Tiger in Ranthambore

Then a cub crossed the road behind her.

Tiger in Ranthambore

Shortly after we saw the tigers we spotted this Leopard:

Leopard Ranthambore

Here’s a picture photo of the entrance to the park. It all looked very ‘Indiana Jonesy’:

Entrance to Ranthambore


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