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More grass than they’d ever seen

Posted on Saturday, June 28th, 2008 at 11:28 am CET

Yesterday we took the cats out for some fresh air. We bought harnesses and leashes for them. They will have to wear the harness during our upcoming flight so we thought to try and get them used to wearing them.

Alex was off and running!

Arby wasn’t sure what to do.

When we let them outside in our garden, they munch on the small bits of grass that grow between our flower patches and between the bricks in the garden. We thought they would start grazing when we took them out of their carriers and set them on the grass, but they weren’t really interested in the grass. Alex took off running and preferred to walk on the pavement. Arby didn’t seem to know what to do. After a while he started to follow Alex and all of us were trotting around.


Jun 28, 2008
5:14 pm
#1 Shyla wrote:

Too cute – my kitties have harnesses too – for emergencies. Neither of mine are much interested in “walking”.

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