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Walking Mt. Vesuvius

Posted on Thursday, June 19th, 2008 at 8:36 pm CET

Three years ago today, on 19 June 2005, we had a great day in Italy on our city trip to Napels. In the morning we took a bus from Napels to the foot of Vesuvius and in the afternoon we visited the ruined and partially buried Roman city of Pompeii nearby. Here are few photos of our visit to Europe’s most famous volcano.

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We arrived at Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio at 9:30. There was a small ticket office where we bought tickets to enter the park. Mt. Vesuvius is the only active volcano in continental Europe and (according to this brochure) the most extensively studied volcano on Earth.

Ticket office

There are several trails in the park but most people were obviously there to hike up the volcano. It’s a great walk up trails that wind up the mountain.

Trail up Vesuvius

Trail up Vesuvius

At the top of Mt. Vesuvius a trail circles the crater wall.

On Top of the Vesuvius, Italy

Although Vesuvius is still regarded as an active volcano, it produces little more than some steam from vents at the bottom of the crater:


Vesuvius crater

The most famous eruption of Vesuvius is of course the outbreak in 79 that covered Pompeii. Since then there have been many smaller eruptions that were a lot less destructive. In recent centuries there were six eruptions in the 18th century, eight in the 19th century and most recently one in 1906, 1929 and 1944. There have been no eruptions since 1944.



Remnants of an old cable car:

Remnants of an old cable car

On Vesuvius

We walked down the same way that we came. On the way down we passed a large religious procession of people carrying large statues up the mountain:

Religious Procession


We were off the mountain at 11:30 and then took a bus to Pompeii.

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